May 04

An Exciting Colombia Partnership – See Colombia Travel & Viventura

See Colombia Travel Viventura Partnership


Showing Colombia to the world has been our dream at See Colombia Travel since we were founded 5 years and nearly 1000 blog posts ago (spoiler alert!): when Marcela first started bogging about Colombia she wanted only to help to change the global perception that travelers had about her wonderful country. Little could she have known that this blog would become the largest independent Colombian travel blog, 2014’s Best Blog in the Americas, and the first port of call for many travelers researching and planning their Colombian travel experience. Our goal here has always been to promote Colombia to the world as much as possible…

With that in mind, See Colombia Travel and The Colombia Travel Blog could not be more thrilled to announce our exciting new partnership with Viventura! This represents an important day for the Colombian travel industry, as Viventura are the leading South American travel specialist in Europe, with offices in Berin, La Paz and Medellin, and their knowledge and passion for travel in Colombia will add an unparalleled new range to See Colombia Travel. They will take over operations on our commercial website, and be contributing some exciting new blog content to this blog right here! Look out for that, it’ll be good!


Our new partners in travel…


And on that note, what’s even more darned exciting about this new partnership is the return of our erstwhile editor Mr. Paul Fowler to the fold: Paul left us (with a rather emotional ‘Goodbye to Colombia’ post) in 2013 but as an employee of our new partner Viventura – South America Travel Specialists, he’s now back on board to continue promoting Colombia to the world. Paul will be contributing blog content about Colombia once more, and we will be working side-by-side (in what some people are calling a ‘Colombia Dream Team!’) to help See Colombia grow even more, and let even more people know that Colombia is an exciting, diverse and beautiful destination to visit. Paul and I started working together in 2012 as a Editor-Intern combo, doing ridiculous collaborative blog content by running around Bogota eating ants and things of that nature, and I for one am thrilled to have him back on board, contributing his massive knowledge of Colombian travel to See Colombia. Welcome back Paul!


Paul Fowler bids farewell to his beloved adopted home, Colombia
And he is back! Result!


It’s also a time of change here at the blog…in the coming weeks we will be changing the layout of the Colombia Travel Blog, making it more user-friendly and modern. I will continue to travel throughout Colombia, sharing my love for this country and it’s people, while, in-keeping with relaxed visa regulations for Colombians, JL and Marcela will be taking Colombia on the road, taking La Chiva Viajera to other global destinations. In this way, the Colombia Travel Blog can continue to grow and develop in the same way that the country we all love is doing.

We here at See Colombia Travel couldn’t be more excited to begin working with Viventura: our combined knowledge and passion for Colombia and Colombian travel will allow us to achieve our goal of helping the world to discover the delights of Colombia. And welcome back to Paul; he was our first editor, and the man who really helped this blog to take off and become what it is today. This is a massive step forward for us, and we hope you’ll join us for this next stage of our adventure! Vamos!



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