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Top 5 Things I Miss About Colombia While I’m In the UK

Paul gets thirsty on the beach
Paul gets thirsty on the beach

You probably don’t know, but I came home for Christmas this year, back to the UK. I’ve currently spent 3 weeks in and around London and have enjoyed myself a great deal. Still, even with how busy I’ve been I still find myself missing Colombia…

Of course, I’ll be back in just over a week or so, but while I sit here sifting through fellow Colombia travel blogs, reading about my adopted home, it reminds me of all the things I miss about Colombian culture. I’m ignoring stuff like beaches and heat, since they’re not part of my day-to-day life in Colombia. Instead, the normal things that I experience every week. Here is my top 5.

5. Colombian Parties

Gringos salsa
Gringos salsa

It’s not that Colombia should be defined by its penchant for a good party, but there’s no doubt that partying is something the country does very well. Although I enjoy my pubs and sitting down and chatting over a pint, I do long for the drive towards the dancefloor that you’ll inevitably find if you travel to Bogota.

4. Coffee in Colombia

A cup of Juan Valdez coffee

They say that the majority of quality Colombian coffee beans are exported, but that notwithstanding you still find some of the best cups of coffee in the world in Colombia. And, if it’s not the best, at least it’s incredibely easy to find and very, very cheap.

3. Music in Colombia

Colombian Cumbia
Colombian Cumbia

If you’d have told me when I first arrived to Colombia that I’d end up missing the music I would have laughed at you. The drunken racket of vallenato? Please. As time has passed, however, I’ve found myself warming even to vallenato, and genres like salsa and cumbia have found a firm place in my heart. The sheer joy of Colombian music is the love almost every Colombian has for their music: they know all the words and are not afraid to sing along.

2. Speaking, Hearing and Learning Spanish

You'll find conversational Spanish very useful in Colombia
You’ll find conversational Spanish very useful in Colombia

When I bump into people here in England, I keep murmuring ‘perdon’. I sound silly. After I’ve ordered, my go to word is ‘gracias’. I sound silly. In Colombia the only thing silly would be my foreign accent, and that’s just downright endearing.

1. The mountains surrounding Bogota

The center of Bogotá, overlooked by mountains
The center of Bogotá, overlooked by mountains

It might sound silly, but pretty much any Bogotano who has lived away from home will tell you the same thing: when they were away they missed the mountains. Not only are they a useful tool for locating yourself, but they’re a picturesque reminder of Colombia’s vast, expansive and incredibly diverse landscape. And they’re there all the time, whenever you look up, looming over the city.


10 thoughts on “Top 5 Things I Miss About Colombia While I’m In the UK

  1. liliana on

    I miss very much to walk on the streets and see colombian smiles, the warm of strangers that is what i miss the most.

  2. Sonia on

    The mountains!! I’m from Bogota and I always, ALWAYS miss the mountains when I’m living elsewhere. Great blog! Keep up the good work 🙂

  3. Michelle on

    Those are my favorites too and I’m Colombiana! I would add homemade traditional Colombian dishes – especially the empanadas. Rico!

  4. Hegel Eisenhower on

    abdur, We have a great Hostel in Teusaquillo, wich is a safe neighborhood so close to La Candelaria. Check it out at http://www.facebook.com/laplayahostel. You can see our reviews on Booking.com – “La Playa Hostel”


      abdur on

      Thanks Hegel

  5. Tours of Italy on

    Hi Poul,
    you post is so marvelous. Every moment we miss that we spent at past.

  6. abdur on


    no doubt colombia is very lively and full of colors. and i will miss Colombia when i will left.

    is anybody can suggest the places/Hostels where i can go for parties/ to meat other foreigner.


      Paul on

      Any hostel in La Candelaria, Bogota would be good. As for places. try Gringo Tuesdays every Tuesday in Zona T. Thanks for the post!


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