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VIDEO: Wild adventures in San Gil, Colombia

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Rappelling close to Pinchote, San Gil…that’s higher than it looks!

There are myriad reasons to visit San Gil, from the spectacular countryside to the delicious food to the opportunity to meet fellow travellers (it’s a popular destination for a vacation to Colombia). The number one reason, however, is definitely adventure sports.

San Gil has an abundance of things to do for budding sports enthusiasts, including rafting, kayaking, hiking, paragliding and much, much more. The region is the undisputed capital for adventure sports in Colombia.

Our friends over at Off2Colombia recently released a video of their adventures in the area, including their incredible adventure rafting. Check out their video below:

The great thing about San Gil is that in addition to these attractions you can also explore nearby towns and wildlife and find yourself apparently in a different century. Villages such as Barichara are acronyms in our modern high-rise, high-tempo life and walks such as the one from Barichara to Guane are just about as chilled out as you can get while staying in motion.

To get to San Gil, in the Santander region of the country, you can travel from many of Colombia’s main cities by bus (prices and times are rough guides and subject to change):

Bogotá: $35,000 (7 hours)
Cartagena: $70,000 (14 hours)
Medellín: $60,000 (11 hours)
Santa Marta: $60,000 (12 hours)
Tunja: $20,000 (4 hours)

For more information on San Gil, check out the following links.

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