Paragliding Chicamocha Canyon Colombia

  Paragliding is becoming quite the popular pastime for Colombia travelers these days: it’s a growing day-trip trend from Bogota, Medellin and Bucaramanga, as visitors to Colombia bid to break the bonds of gravity and laugh in the face of the gods…or at least hover in the sky for 15 minutes! However, in spite of […]

Paragliding Colombia

  “The desire to fly is an idea handed down to us by our ancestors who… looked enviously on the birds soaring freely through space… on the infinite highway of the air” – Wilbur Wright Flight has long been one of mankind’s oldest and most consistent dreams, and we are lucky enough to live in […]

Goats Milk Santander

  Santander department is well-known in Colombia for it’s gastronomy: the region has a number of local delicacies and specialty dishes which are unique and different to what can be found in the rest of the country. Cities and towns like Bucaramanga, San Gil, and Barichara are the perfect places to try out these regional […]

Cucunuba, Cundinamarca

Here at See Colombia Travel, we spend a lot of time banging on about the beauty and charm of Colombia’s many fascinating colonial towns. Sure, Villa de Leyva’s cobbled square and quaint streets have rightly made it one of Colombia’s main tourist destinations. Barichara’s red roofs and abundance of pretty churches make it an obvious […]

Laura flies through the air in San Gil

In a country rife with opportunities for adventure it’s quite a thing to be crowned the ‘Adventure Capital of Colombia’. But then San Gil is quite a place. Offering opportunities for an abundance of adventure in Colombia, including rafting, biking, sailing, abseiling, climbing, caving, swimming, rappelling, paintballing, kayaking, hydrospeeding, paragliding and (incredibly) more, San Gil is a haven for veteran adrenaline […]

  I like to think I´m a big fan of cartoons of all persuasions because of the deep philosophical implications of their themes and the surprising manner in which they delve into the contemporary weltanschauung.   It´s not because I´ve never grown up, and have nothing better to do with my time than to stick my […]