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Photos of Our Beloved Colombia

cartagena colombia photos

I don’t know if you’ve been over to See Colombia Travel‘s homepage, but there’s a great deal going on there. One of my favourite sections is undoubtedly the photo section because not only does it give me a good opportunity to look at some beautiful photos of Colombia, but it brings together a small artistic community with a unified goal: to promote, reflect and represent Colombia through a lens.

With that said, today’s post is going to be in the spirit of photos and I’ve decided to collect some of my favourite photos from the website and from my personal collection in the hope that, as they say, pictures speak a thousand words. Please enjoy and, if you want to, share these photos around. I can write for years about Colombia but nothing compares to seeing the country for yourself. From your Mac in the US, this will have to do for now:

Tatacoa, Colombia

The Tatacoa Desert is the second largest arid area in Colombia and one of the most beautiful places here. You can get here by taking a 30 minute flight from Bogotá to Neiva, where a MotoTaxi will take you the rest of the way.

Bogotá, Colombia

Bogotá is Colombia’s capital and one of the biggest cities in the world. Full of history and things to do, it’s a must-do on any trip to Colombia.

Medellín, Colombia

Medellín used to be considered one of the most dangerous cities in the world. Now it’s one of the most desirable cities in South America to live in.

Cartagena, Colombia

Cartagena is a jewel in South America’s crown and the Colombia’s tourism capital.

Tayrona National Park, Colombia

Tayrona National Park is a sprawling array of beaches, mountains and jungles that mesmerise all that visit.

San Andres, Colombia

For some of the best beaches in Colombia, be sure to head to the island of San Andres, just north of the Caribbean coast.

Amazonia, Colombia

Colombia’s Amazon region is home to some of its most diverse, fascinating wildlife and is where the country meets Peru and Brazil.


6 thoughts on “Photos of Our Beloved Colombia

  1. Marine@Green Global Travel on

    Ah, what is this animal! This last picture gave me a good laugh (and a bit of a fright at the same time). Lovely set by the way. I have heard about Tatacoa Desert and hope to go there at some point!

  2. Rosa @ Galapagos Cruise on

    Great Post… Thanks for Sharing. I have never been to Colombia but your post making my mind to list it on very next Trip.

    Thanks Buddy

  3. Kris on

    I would love to add that Colombia has some other incredibly beautiful colonial towns; like Mompox and Barichara. I have some photos to share if you don’t mind:

    I miss you Colombia!

  4. Coraline on

    I’ve been looking at the pictures section on the See Colombia Travel’s website many times and it’s definitely an inspiration for everyone wanted to go and visit the country. I’m travelling already without moving thanks to those beautiful shots, and I can’t wait to see all those amazing landscapes in real life… should be pretty soon!! Love the Tatacoa desert ones and the Villa de Leyva as well 🙂


      JL on

      Thank you very much Coraline! To promote and show the real image of Colombia is our mission in life and comments like yours pump up our enthusiasm to keep telling the world this beautiful country. Thanks again and we hope to see you soon here 🙂


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