Providencia Colombia

  Colombia is absolutely chock-a-block (translation for non-native English speakers: full of) with islands: it’s the only country in South America that has both Pacific and Caribbean coastlines, and lots of coast means lots of islands. And we’re not talking windswept, weather-beaten, inaccessible rocks here (although there are a fair few of those as well): […]

top 5 foods to try on San Andrés

Karen Attman left her hometown of Philadelphia almost twenty years ago to pursue expat life in Latin America. Her work has been published in more than twenty publications in the United States, Europe, and Latin America. She now lives in Bogota and blogs about restaurants, chefs, food events and anything edible at   San […]

San Andres Colombia

  The small Caribbean island of San Andres, whilst technically part of Colombia, lies just 70km from the coast of Nicaragua and is, along with it’s neighboring island of Providencia, one of Colombia’s most stunning Caribbean regions. With it’s breathtaking ‘Sea of Seven Colors’, rich cultural heritage and marvelous diving and snorkeling opportunities, San Andres […]

Carolina on a segway tour in Cartagena, Colombia

To read this in English, click here Bueno, decidir cuál ha sido mi mejor momento en Colombia es un poco difícil porque he estado la mayor parte de mi vida en este hermosa nación. Nací en la ciudad de Bogotá y decidí que antes de aventurarme a visitar otros paises quería conocer algunos destinos en […]

En Colombia se Habla Espanhol

  Colombia, I’m sure you realise by now, boasts ridiculous levels of diversity – whether it be fauna, flora, landscapes, or culture. One of the most fun expressions of this world-famous diversity is the myriad of accents you’ll hear when you come to Colombia. It’s claimed that the Spanish spoken in Bogota is the best […]

Happy Colombians

En nuestros posts anteriores ya hemos visto como muchos expats han venido a Colombia y han quedado completamente enamorados del país, tanto que decidieron quedarse en Colombia y nos preguntamos, ¿Qué ha pasado con el viajero colombiano? Aunque somos muy patrióticos y por supuesto amamos nuestro país tristemente la mayoría no conocemos muchos de los sitios que […]