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Immediately upon exiting Bogota airport we realized that it was true: Colombians are very probably the kindest people on earth. Our experience was like this for the rest of the trip ......

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Colombia Photo Galleries

Colombia is a vast, varied country and our Colombia Photo Gallery is designed to give you an insight into its manifold beauty. We’ve collected a group of photographers together to each give their take on the same theme: Photos of Colombia. Each photographer’s approach is slightly different; some capture the warmth of the people, some receive inspiration from Colombia´s spectacular landscapes, and some find beauty in places we never would have looked. What they all have in common, however, is a shared love for Colombia, and at See Colombia Travel we believe it’s important to foster a thriving artistic community as passionate about Colombia as we are. Look through our Colombia Photo Gallery and you’ll get a glimpse of the beauty of Colombia through the eyes of consummate artists enamoured with our beloved country.


Our Promise

Welcome to See Colombia Travel, your number one resource for vacations to Colombia. We are a team of international experts boasting vast experience of traveling the world, and we’re here to help you discover the treasures of our beloved Colombia.

At See Colombia Travel all our Colombia tours are tailor-made. We’re determined to ensure your experience is 100% to your liking. Colombia is a stunningly varied country boasting idyllic beaches, lost cities asleep in the mountains and, of course, coffee galore in its bustling city-centers.

Whatever you’re looking for from your Colombia vacation, we’re here to guide you and ensure your trip is up to our highest standards of safety, value and quality. We’re sure that once you’ve been to Colombia, like us, you’ll want to spread the word about this fantastic, diverse country.