Jul 29

Colombia World Cup 2011: Bogotá

So today is the big day; finally the 2011 U20s FIFA World Cup kicks off in Colombia with (the mighty) England against Korea in Medellín. This also means we’re concluding our coverage of the 8 cities hosting games in the tournament and guess which city we saved for last? Bogotá of course, Colombia’s capital and most important city.

The iconic cathedral in Plaza Bolivar, Bogotá

Bogotá is one of the world’s biggest cities and one of South America’s oldest. This imbues it  with an effortless sense of history and, yet, Bogotá doesn’t rest on its laurels. Instead Bogotá is constantly striving to progress, introducing innovative schemes and projects for citizens, such as the Transmilenio.

Bogotá is Colombia’s center for sports, arts, culture, dining and nightlife and, as with all the best cities in the world, it’s impossible to truly ‘do’ Bogotá in one trip as the options are almost limitless.

There are, however, a few essentials. These include a visit to the historic area of La Candelaria, where the city began; a visit to Zona Rosa in the north of the city to sample some of the best bars on offer; a visit to Zona G, also known as the gourmet zone, in order to sample some of Colombia’s best restaurants; a visit to Parque 93 to rub shoulders with Bogotá’s fashionable elite.

Bogotá from above

In terms of football, Bogotá is home to Colombia’s most successful team: Millionarios. Their bitter rivals, Independiente Santa Fé, are equally popular and the first team to win the Colombian league.

Bogotá will host Colombia, South Korea, Mali and France with the opening ceremony taking place at the match between Colombia and France tomorrow. Subsequently, a 2nd Round match, a Quarter Final, the 3rd Place Play-Off and the Final (ie England vs. Colombia) will all take place in Bogotá.

3 thoughts on “Colombia World Cup 2011: Bogotá

  1. Bob on

    Can’t wait to watch the U20 WC in Colombia! Actually want to visit South America soon. I’m already trying to learn a bit of Spanish with my iPhone app (Eton Institute) and it’s going pretty well. Hope to be fluent soon. Great blog!


      Paul on

      Thanks for stopping by. Good luck with the Spanish, it’s a fun language once you get your head around it!


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