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The Economist names Colombia the “country of the year”



The international accolades just keep coming for Colombia as 2016 winds down – fresh from being named Lonely’s Planet’s No. 2 pick for travel in 2017, the latest positive news for the once no-go country is that The Economist, an English weekly news magazine and one of the world’s most respected media outlets, has named Colombia their “country of the year” for 2016. You can read the full ‘Country of the Year’ article on the Economist website.

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The award is given to the country that the publication deems the most improved over the course of the year. As the article points out, “to win The Economist’s country of the year award, it is not enough to be peaceful and rich” (otherwise you’d assume that most Nordic countries would have the award locked down annually). The Economist notes that previous winners Myanmar and Tunisia were rewarded “for escaping tyranny and building something resembling democracy,” and that countries like Switzerland, Japan and New Zealand “need not apply.” Estonia, Iceland and Taiwan are all mentioned in the build up to crowning the champion for 2016: Colombia.


Colombia's peace deal with the FARC is the principle reason for this award
Colombia’s peace deal with the FARC is the principle reason for this award


So why has this august publication gone with our beloved adopted homeland for this award? According to The Economist the reason is simple: the “colossal achievement” of “making peace in 2016.” From a country on the brink of being a failed state, to one which has successfully negotiated an end to a 52 year war which claimed the lives of over 220,000 people. It’s not been a bad year for Colombia really! As the article points out, the deal is certainly “incomplete and involves ugly compromises.” However, as they also note: “the alternative is worse.”

So congratulations to Colombia, The Economist’s ‘Country of the Year 2016.’ For our money, a worthy winner.

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4 thoughts on “The Economist names Colombia the “country of the year”

  1. cecilia gossen on

    Viva Colombia! Estoy orgullosa de ser Colombiana, a pesar de vivir en el exterior 48+ anos.

  2. Michael Esposito on

    This is great news for Colombia! My first visit there was as a Fulbright grad student in 1980, and my destiny has been linked to Colombia ever since then, especially as my wife of 32 years is from Colombia and most of her family still lives there.

  3. ADRIANA on

    Born in Colombia and having lived in the USA since 1965, I am ecstatic for my homeland.
    Viva Colombia

  4. Katherine on

    Viva Colombia!!!


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