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Tierra Caliente: Where is it?

visit barichara santander colombia
Barichara Colombia
Barichara is considered ” Tierra Caliente” by Bogotans

Some months ago, thru Trip Advisor I met an Argentinean girl called Lorena that just had moved to Colombia  and became a regular visitor of my blog . Amongst many other questions she asked me there was one that caught my attention , she wanted to know how to get to the place called “ Tierra Caliente” ( “ Summer Land” ) that everyone seemed to recommend describing it as a very relaxing destination but that no one really knew how to tell her how get there.  I couldn’t believe what I was reading and I just laughed , but then I realized that for us Colombians this  is pretty obvious , but for a foreigner “ Tierra Caliente” means nothing.

I replied back basically saying that there is no such  place as “Tierra Caliente” , is just that due to Colombia’s position within the Equator and in the Andes  every town or city  below 1000 meters a.s.l is warm(ish)  and therefore called “Tierra Caliente”  by all of us living above that altitude.

Bogota is at 2600 m.a.s.l so we have a colder average than many regions in the country, which means that ,   as an example, we don’t have outdoor swimming pools  , so on weekends  is usual for us Bogotans to head of the city in search of “ Tierra Caliente” which can easily  be found at only a driving hour away from Bogota .

So there you are , next time someone invites you to go to Tierra Caliente in Colombia , you know what to expect!


3 thoughts on “Tierra Caliente: Where is it?

  1. Mauricio on

    Great article!

    Is Columbia safe?


      Marcela on

      Hola Mauricio ,

      To answer that we recommend to check a post on Marcela’s Colombia Travel Blog : http://colombia-travel-marcela.blogspot.com/2010/08/is-it-safe-to-travel-to-colombia-my.html




      Andrea Beltran on

      Hi Mauricio!
      I’m from Bogotá, Colombia (it’s not Columbia but that’s a common mistake that foreign people make).
      I can tell you that Colombia is a safe country now. You can travel almost around all the country. It’s beautiful and has a diversity that you can’t find in other countries.

      So I recommend you to visit Colombia and then talk about your experience.



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