Tayrona Park Closed

  According to El Tiempo, El Espectador and Vanguardia reports, Colombia’s iconic Tayrona National Park, the second most visited in the country, will be closed to the public during the month of November, 2015. Beginning this Sunday, November 1, 2015, and ending on Monday 30, 2015, the closure has been agreed by the Colombian National […]

Casa Elemento Minca Colombia

  When most people think of Colombia’s Caribbean coast, they picture white sand beaches, palm trees and pelicans…and they’re totally right…it is all of those things. However, less than an hour from the gateway to Tayrona National Park and the beach-lined coast, Santa Marta, lies a tiny mountain village of cool evening breezes, fast-flowing rivers […]

Salento Colombia

  My parents, like many people’s I imagine, were initially a little apprehensive about me moving to Colombia; after all, as we’re trying so hard to alter here at the Colombia Travel Blog, negative perceptions about the country still persist, partly down to sensationalist media accounts. However, as they’re my parents, they got on board […]

Camino Real Bolivar Colombia

  Yesterday marked the anniversary of the death of Simon Bolivar on December 17th, 1830. Although the man commonly known as ‘The Liberator’ was born in Venezuela (Caracas in 1783), many of Bolivar’s greatest triumphs and disasters took place in what is now Colombia, during and after the Wars of Independence which have made him […]