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Colombia Photo Gallery: The Beauty of Santander

Guane Santander Colombia


Colombia is made up of 32 departments (like states or counties) and one capital district of Bogota. The diversity of these departments is hard to overstate: from the desert peninsula of La Guajira in the north to Amazonas in the south, and from the forested plains of Meta and Casanare in the east to the forbidding jungles of the Choco in the west; Colombia’s departments are a byword for diversity, not just of environment, but of people, music, culture and food. Picking a favorite therefore can be tricky; however, if pressed I might have to go with Santander department: for a combination of it’s food, culture, history, nature and people, for me Santander is hard to beat! But don’t just take my word for it, take a look at this photo gallery of Santander’s beauty and decide for yourself…


Paragliding Santander Colombia
Paragliding over the canyons of Santander


A lovely view over Barichara’s red-tiled roofs


Mute Santander
A piping hot bowl of Mute; a delicious Santander soup


Chicamocha Canyon Colombia
Stunning light in the Chicamocha Canyon


Camino Real Barichara Guane
Hiking the Camino Real from Barichara to Guane


Zapatoca Colombia
The main church of Zapatoca


Zapatoca Colombia
Zapatoca from above (sort of…)


Barichara Colombia
Cobbled streets in Barichara


Zapatoca Colombia
Old architecture and big skies over Zapatoca


Still not convinced?! Well then, you’ll just have the visit Santander sometime and see for yourself! See you there!



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  1. Alfonso Jaramillo. on

    Wonderful….Colombia is always in my heart…Thank you for the beautiful pictures…


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