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1000 Photos of Colombia: Our 1000th Post

1000 Photos of Colombia


The Colombia Travel Blog is 1000 posts old! So we’re celebrating with 1000 pictures of Colombia! From our first ever blog post in 2011, to our landmark 500th post in 2013 (500 Reasons We Love Colombia!), the Colombia Travel Blog has been dispensing advice about travel in Colombia for a remarkable 1000 posts and 5 years! That’s not a bad run for blog founded by one person, Marcela, based on nothing more than a dream to show the wonders of Colombia to the world and change perceptions of this remarkable country that we call home. So as a thank you for all of your support and a celebration of 1000 blog posts, here are 1000 stunning photos of Colombia: an epic undertaking for an epic achievement! Just looking at them is making us all fall in love with Colombia all over again…


Tours Desde Colombia

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So you made it to the end, eh?! We hope you enjoyed these remarkable photos of Colombia; showcasing the diversity, beauty, kindness and development of nuestra Colombia querida. We couldn’t have done this 1000th post without the help of some wonderful photographers, along with all the members of the See Colombia Travel team, past and present. So, special thanks go to:

Adrianna Chaparro, Harald Schafer, Ivan Ramirez, Jose Daniel, Juan Felipe Rubio, Julio Gallego, Lachlan Page, Martin Duque Angulo, Mauricio Montoya, Miguel Angel Gonzales, Off 2 Colombia, Omar Vasquez, Oscar Amaya, Sandra Tobon, Scott Holcomb, Sonia Kumari Molina, Valeria Torrens, William Jarrell, Benjamin Sadd from The Trail to Anywhere, Fred Lullfitz, Fetze Weerstra, Stephanie Gater, Emma Sadd, Chantelle du Plessis

Once again, thank you so much for reading our blog, and enjoying our photos of Colombia. We hope you’ll keep coming back and, even better, come and see Colombia for yourself…it rarely disappoints! 

Chris (& the entire See Colombia Travel family, past and present)

Tours Desde Colombia

3 thoughts on “1000 Photos of Colombia: Our 1000th Post

    Sally Bell on

    Wonderful post, happy 1000th. Amazing photographs, can’t wait to be back in July to see more for ourselves.
    Mike and Sally


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