Jun 30

Colombian Holiday Music – Ondatropica

Frente Cumbiero Vinyl


It’s a Colombian holiday! And that can only mean one thing here at See Colombia Travel: it’s been a weekend of dancing and celebration, particularly as Colombia’s national team are through to the quarter finals of the World Cup!

So to help get you in the mood for a day off (or make you really jealous if you don’t live here) here’s some music from Ondatropica…(and even if you don’t have a day off, there’s nothing like some tropical music to brighten up a dull Monday, right!?)



This is the wonderful Ondatropica, bringing the Colombian vibes to England’s own Glastonbury Festival, one of the largest in the world. I was there, and I have to say, they quite rightly brought the house (tent) down. Ondatropica is the joint project of Quantic (Will Holland, a British musician living in Colombia), and Mario Galeano, a multi-instrumentalist and expert on Colombia’s Tropical music history. Galeano is also involved in some of Bogota’s other important musical projects: the Tropical Noise of Los Piranas and the experimental Frente Cumbiero. Furthermore, his collaborators Eblis Alvarez and Pedro Ojeda are also members of wonderful Bogota groups such as Meridian Brothers and Romperayo. You can read more about all of these groups here.

But back to Ondatropica. Galeano and Holland, with some assistance from the British Council, brought some of Colombia’s most legendary musicians together to record at Medellin’s iconic Discos Fuentes Studio, and the resulting album is nothing short of spectacular. It’s an old favourite of ours at See Colombia Travel, so enjoy this video and have a great Monday!

Altogether now: Tiene Sabor, Tiene Sazon


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