May 09

Bogota’s 17th Annual Salsa Al Parque

Salsa al Parque 2014


We all love salsa, right? There’s nothing like hearing that rhythm, shaking those hips, and, if you’re anything like me, invariably ending up looking like a total fool…Well, luckily for the likes of me, this weekend sees two whole days of salsa action heading to Bogota’s Parque Simon Bolivar, as the 17th Annual Salsa al Parque rolls into town (although, thinking about it, glides or shimmies into town might be more appropriate).


Gringos Salsa
Imagine this…but in a park!


Part of Bogota’s ‘Month of Music’ or ‘Festival of Festivals’ (look out for a post on that next week), Salsa al Parque does pretty much exactly what you’d think it would: a bunch of quality salsa musicians, playing loads of spicy, flaming-hot salsa…drum roll, please…in the park. Parque Simon Bolivar has been hosting these events for years now: Rock al Parque, Jazz al Parque, Hip-Hop al Parque; most of the major genres are represented. Let’s just say I won’t take them seriously until I start seeing flyers for ‘Experimental Hardcore al Parque’: I’d even pay to see that one…

That’s because, as you may have guessed, all of these brilliant live music events are absolutely, 100% gratis (that means free by the way). Two whole days of salsa, featuring hundreds of musicians, and around 20 live acts, for absolutely zero pesos. You can’t really argue with their pricing structure, can you?! Now, if we can just get the notoriously capricious Bogota weather to play ball for the weekend, we’re on easy street.


Programme for Salsa al Parque
This year’s programme for Salsa al Parque


This year’s Salsa Fest features live performances from the likes of La Más Orquesta, Juan Carlos Ensamble, Grupo Niche, and, most exciting of all, a Saturday headline slot from a Salsa All-Stars combo group, featuring such names as Ismael Miranda, Oscar de Leon, Rey Ruiz, and Mauro Castillo. It promises to be a one-stop-shop for salsa good-times.

So shimmy on down to Simon Bolivar tomorrow and Sunday, and enjoy some of the world’s finest salsa, courtesy of some of its finest musicians, in the company of several thousand dance-loving Bogotanos. What could possibly go wrong…although, if, like me, you’re concerned about the whole ‘dancing’ thing, give this post a quick read, it’ll answer a lot of questions.



3 thoughts on “Bogota’s 17th Annual Salsa Al Parque

  1. Franz Müller on

    Colombia seems to be an amazing country but I’ve heard some negatives things regarding criminality. I don’t really dare arriving there and start asking around, I think I might be getting old 🙁
    I will travel there in two months and I already pre booked a hotel on for safeties sake.


      Chris on

      It really is an amazing country Franz. With regards to what you’ve heard about criminality: I won’t say it’s a total lie, because naturally there are crime problems in the big cities (like many big cities really), but I would imagine it’s greatly exaggerated. The media has a tendency to blow Colombia’s problems out of proportion, usually based on an outdated view of what the country is like. If you, or any traveller, exercise common sense then you shouldn’t have any problems. Colombians are, above all, warm and welcoming people, keen to show the beauty that their country has to offer after so many years of bad reputation.

      If you have any more questions about travel here, please don’t hesitate to get in touch, we’re always happy to talk about Colombia. Enjoy your trip.


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