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Licking walls and talking to God – La Catedral de Sal, Zipaquira

La Catedral de Sal tunnel, Zipaquira

Not too long ago I decided to test my fear of enclosed spaced by visiting La Catedral de Sal in Zipaquirá which is a salt mine turned cathedral.

It is about an hour from Bogotá and is 200 metres underground. Just hearing that, as we walked into the cavernous tunnel made me sweat.

The cathedral was carved out of the mountain in the 1930s by the miners working in the area as a sanctuary and a place of prayer. It was then later refurbished and restructured into the Cathedral it is today.

In Colombia, La Catedral de Sal is a place of pilgrimage. The busiest day of the year is Easter but every day, especially Sundays, the cathedral is filled with thousands of visitors from around the country and the world. I headed along on a Sunday and it was busy – go early if you pay a visit!

La Catedral de Sal, Zipaquira
La Catedral de Sal, Zipaquira


An illuminated pathway guided the way through the underground holy space and stations of the cross, each designed by different artists, point us in the right direction. I don’t know if it was the darkness, the large amount of people, the memorial for killed miners or the large glowing crosses that did it, but walking through this dimly-lit underground sacred area is pretty unnerving. I just wanted to sit in the pews gazing at the salty ceiling.

And yes, given it is a salt mine everything is pretty much carved out of salt. I may have licked the wall just to make sure.

The town of Zapiquíra is also a gorgeous town the spend the day walking around. Have lunch, eat an ice-cream in the main square and then slowly make your way back to Bogotá when you’re ready.

The town of Zipaquira
The town of Zipaquira

How do you get there?

Catch a bus from Portal Norte in Bogotá or there is train that runs on the weekends.

4 thoughts on “Licking walls and talking to God – La Catedral de Sal, Zipaquira

  1. JL on

    HI Zahra! Would you like to send us that pic and a text about how you got it to include it in an upcoming “Paranormal Colombia” Post ?Cheers!

  2. Zahra Esmail on

    Hi Sarah,

    I recently visited the Catedral de Sal near Bogota in Colombia. I took tons of photos and realized that there was something very strange about one of them. I posed with my mother and behind us, there are two blue arms – not connected to a body! Did you experience anything bizarre like that when you visited?

    Best wishes,



      Sarah on

      Oh gosh Zahra, I am so glad I heard about this AFTER my trip to the Cathedral, because I was freaked out enough as it was. No nothing strange like that happened while I was there, but I did feel a very chilled energy. I Was just happy sitting and looking around rather than following the big crowds of people. It’s absolutely beautiful down there though.


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