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Top 5: Churches that might make my Mum want to come to Colombia.

In a rare occurence, my mother, who is my friend on Facebook (what has this world come to?) commented on a picture of me from my recent visit to Pasto and surrounds. I found this odd, as she rarely comments on my pictures. I got to thinking about why this could be, and discovered something about the content.

Generally, my facebook photos consist of me thinking I’m looking clever while engaged in some alchohol-fueled escapade. This one, however, had a majestic church in the background.

The penny dropped. My mum, a devout Catholic, loves churches.

Maybe she wanted to know what the deal was with the girl I was embracing in the foreground as well, but that’s beside the point, I think.

So, even though I don’t have the faith, here’s my top 5 spectacular churches that might lure my mum to the South American continent for the first time. Funnily enough, they’re all in Colombia.

1. Las Lajas

Las Lajas
So glorious, it deserves at least a second look.

This is the very church in question. Close to Pasto near the border-town of Ipiales, it is beautifully situated and spectacular in execution. Even dirty old, irreligious me found this edifice awe-inspiring.

2. La Popa Convent’s chapel.

A little church with a view, and some stories.


Overlooking the glamorous pirate city of Cartegena, this convent and its chapel are not only beautiful and must-tour material, but have some pretty fantastic stories to tell. My favourite is about how the founder of the site had to throw the devil off the mountain before the structure could be built.

3. The Salt Cathedral.

Inside the Salt Cathedral, Zipaquira
Inside the Salt Cathedral, Zipaquira

So, there was a bunch of salt in a mine, and some bright spark landed on the idea to sculpt an entire cathedral out of it. Not that far from Bogota, this is an amazing, God-worthy spectacle. Don’t you think, Mum?

4. Monserrate’s Church

Monserrate’s Morena Virgin church
Monserrate’s Morena Virgin church

Perched atop Monserrate, this pretty church looks down kindly upon its city, and can be seen from most parts of Bogota. The church itself, and its sculpture of a Rising Jesus, are exquisite. Not to mention that it boasts Bogota’s best view.

5. Santa Marta’s Cathedral

Santa Marta’s old treasure

Although there are disputes as to its claim to be the oldest in the land, this majestic structure took an age to complete, and so encapsulates many different architectural styles beautifully. It was the first started, anyway.

Well, there you are, Mum. Five good, Catholic reasons to visit the country in which your favourite son (sorry, Billy and Mark; but you do know that, don’t you?) lives. Really, though; anyone of any kind or degree of faith would have to admit that Colombia’s churches make for some pretty killer facebook photos, at the very least!

Paul G

4 thoughts on “Top 5: Churches that might make my Mum want to come to Colombia.

  1. Paul Giles on

    As do I. And my mum, too! Now, all she needs to do is to actually see it for herself. Right, Mum?

  2. Alejandra on

    For me , Las Lajas is the most impresive.


      JL on

      I agree with Alejandra!


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