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Top 5 Must-Visits in Bogotá

Bogotá is one of South America’s biggest cities and one of its most bustling and thriving capitals. Many people come to the city merely because it’s the easiest place to fly into, but what they find is a fascinating place; a city full of life, culture and history that lures people with a slow-burning, intoxicating charm.

We’ve collected a list of our top 5 must visits on a visit to Bogotá. Be aware, however, these sites are merely the tip of the iceberg in this fascinating city, and there’s much more to explore should you give Bogotá the chance to charm you.

1. La Candelaria neighborhood

La Candelaria is the place to be in Bogotá. Full of bohemian locals and curious tourists, it’s a great place to just wander round and lose yourself in the streets. There’s a wealth of cafes on offer should you need a quick pick-me-up, and some of Bogotá’s most impressive architecture and interesting museums (including the Botero Museum) are located here. It’s a charming, cobblestone neighborhood with colorful, colonial buildings.

2. Plaza Bolivar

Situated in the heart of the historical centre of Bogotá, Plaza Bolivar is not to be missed. In its centre stands its eponymous hero, Simon Bolivar, watching over the tourists and local vendors that invariably inhabit the square. The square also houses the Palace of Justice, National Capitol, the Liévano Building and the stunning Primate Cathedral of Bogota. It’s a captivating and beautiful main plaza.

3. Cerro de Monserrate

High upon the Andes Mountains, watching over the city of Bogotá, is Cerro de Monserrate. Standing at an impressive 3160 meters, the church is a popular pilgrimage point that gives tourists a fantastic view of Colombia’s sprawling capital city. You can reach the church using a funicular railway that is easily accessible from the city’s centre.

4. Zipaquira

Not strictly in Bogotá, Zipaquira is still a must-visit for its stunning Salt Cathedral. You can organize visits to this architectural wonder through See Colombia Travel’s Bogotá tours and still have time to explore more of Bogotá itself, or some of the nearby attractions, such as Raquira. The Salt Cathedral is an underground Roman Catholic church that attracts thousands of visitors every week.

5. Museo del Oro

Of all Bogotá’s many museums, perhaps the most popular and most rewarding is the recently renovated Museo del Oro. Housing over 6,500 gold and ceramic pieces, it’s a dramatic walk through Colombia’s rich and fascinating history with gold production. You will find Museo del Oro in the city’s central district. If you only see one museum in Bogotá, it should be this one.


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