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Coming Soon: Tomatina Festival, Sutamarchan – Attack of the Killer Tomatoes?

The Tomatina Festival
The Tomatina Festival (photo by fearghalonuallain)

Following in the footsteps of the granddaddy of all Tomatina festivals – Buñol in Spain – comes Colombia’s very own extravaganza: the Tomatina Festival in Sutamarchan.

The Tomatina Festival will take place this year (2012) on the 9th to 11th of June, where thousands of tomatoes will be propelled through the air, covering the town and population in a healthy juice (until you mix in the vodka and Worcester sauce…). The first ever Tomatina Festival held in Sutamarchan was in 2004, and since then it has grown annually. This year is expected to have the biggest turnout yet.

Locals get stuck in
Locals get stuck in (photo by http://colombia.pordescubrir.com)

If you’ve never been to a tomato-throwing festival then you’re in for a treat. Obviously the main attraction is being free to throw tomatoes at anyone and everyone, but the jovial spirit that captures the town is in itself a reason to go. Beers and aguardiente will be as free flowing as the tomatoes, and come the evening it’ll be vallenato, salsa and cumbia that floats through the air – so less risk of getting caught in the eye.

The main church of Sutamarchan
The main church of Sutamarchan (photo by Dr EG)

Sutamarchan is located in the department of Boyaca, near to the popular tourist town of Villa de Leyva. It’s a charming colonial town in it’s own right, with a beautiful main square and charming cobblestone streets. It’s also near plenty of other small towns to take excursions to if you’re too bruised.

The Colombia Travel Blog will be there… Will you?


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  1. George Barley on

    Throwing tomatoes at friends or any random guy on the street during this festivity is always fun!


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