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UPCOMING: Festival Iberoamericano de Teatro de Bogotá (and we’ll be there!)

The official poster for the festival
The official poster for the festival

It’s called the ‘Fiesta of One Thousand Faces’, but undoubtedly there will be many more than that at this year’s Festival Iberoamericano de Teatro de Bogotá (Iberoamericano Theatre Festival in Bogotá).

The festival, now one of the biggest in the world, started in 1988. Fanny Mikey and Ramiro Osorio wanted to celebrate 450 years since the foundation of Bogotá and created an event that sought to integrate the countries of Latin America and show their cultures to the world.

See Colombia Travel in the Festival Iberoamericano de Teatro
Fanny Mikey. Born in Argentina, Colombian by heart and founder of the biggest Theater Festival in the planet.

Every year the event has grown substantially, and this year promises to be the biggest yet. It will take place from the 23rd of March until the 8th of April (which for those of us living in Colombia is convenient since it coincides with Semana Santa) in places throughout the city, including Corferias (known in the festival as Theatre City) and various streets of Bogotá.

A hero of mine, Samuel Beckett
A hero of mine, Samuel Beckett (author of ‘Waiting for Godot’)

The year’s guest of honour is Romania (information here), who promise to bring various exceptional performances to the festival. Myself I’m mostly looking forward to a performance of ‘Waiting for Godot’ that I at least have the excuse of a language barrier for not understanding. Other highlights include ‘High‘ from Venezuela, and ‘Electra‘, also from Romania. Of course, the best parts of any festivals such as these are walking around and just stumbling upon plays you hadn’t heard about.

(Video from ‘Electra’)

We’re particularly excited about this year’s festival as, on the back of being Official Colombia Bloggers, we’re going to be there representing the Colombia Travel Blog, covering the entire thing on our Facebook and Twitter accounts. So if you’re not already connected to us, be sure to check out our accounts (information at the end of the post) to receive live updates directly from the festival.

The entire festival promises to be an unforgettable event in the Colombian calendar, and should be seen by anyone that’s on vacation in Bogotá at this time. It’s not only a great display of the culture on offer in Bogotá (a city sometimes called ‘The Athens of South America’ thanks to the amount of museums and cultural offerings), but in all the cultures of the world.

See you at the front.


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