Oct 26

Peluqueria Bogotá – Don’t mess with a woman with a sharp pointy implement.

I have said this before, but I really cannot stress it enough – when you’re walking down the streets of the Candelaria, be a snoop and peek into all the opened doors you pass by. Why?

The gorgeous tiled floor
Gorgeous tiled floor, Candelaria

Well, it’s because you never know what you might come across. A funky little Italian bar with the most welcoming host straight from the canals of Venice? Probably.

A family home with an indoor garden and fountain under which a couple of high school students are snogging. Very likely.

Chicks in mustaches cutting hair? I would never have guessed it, but yes, absolutely.

Mustachio woman
Mustachio woman

I was pretty surprised myself. I was walking along the third Carrera with some friends when we popped our heads into what looked like a deserted building. But deserted it was not! A man popped his head out of the door just as we started to walk in. “What’s the password?” He said. And I don’t think he was joking. “Uhh,” we looked blankly and so did he, until he laughed and let us in.

Inside, there was music, a little cafe, very strong coffee, people getting their hair cut and a mini flea market. Oh Candelaria, how I love thee.

Are you ready to look fierce?
Are you ready to look FIERCE?!

Of course, I bought a coffee and a shirt, sat down on some pretty comfy chairs and then asked someone what was going on. As far as I could tell it was a fundraiser event called Proyecto Techo put on by La Peluqueria Bogotá to make some money to put a roof on their new Candelaria headquarters.

Chilling with a coffee before style time
Chilling with a coffee before style time

But don’t let the name fool you, La Peluqueria is more than just a peluqueria. It’s a space dedicated to the fine art of transformation, where you are left in the hands of women with sharp pointy objects. There’s also music and the space is open to emerging artist of all types, not just the hair-scaping variety.

Good times all round
Good times all round

I’m going to pay a visit and get my hair did next week. You can either choose your own style or live dangerously and go Russian Roulette. Check out their website and follow them on Facebook. Go and get your hair did and help these hair assassins put a new roof on their beautiful building.


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