Dec 06

VIDEO: The Fantastic, Colorful Gay Pride March in Bogota

Today we were awoken with the news that Off2Colombia were announcing that ‘Colombia could become the next gay capital of the world’. A big claim but, with this article here we at the Colombia Travel Blog are sure they feel justified.

The truth is, considering Colombia’s distinctly Conservative roots, Bogota is a very open and tolerant city. Children are encouraged to learn about all sexualities and, as the article points out, the incumbent mayor was in attendance at the colorful, vibrant and flamboyant ‘Orgullo Gay’ (Gay Pride) this year.

Speaking of the cities Gay Pride, that’s what today’s video is all about. Off2Colombia visited this years event and captured footage. Looks like an absolute blast to us – we’ll have to go next year!

Bogota’s gay pride is only one of the many events worth travel to Colombia for throughout the year. Below I’ve collected some links for you to check out about more festivals, ferias and fiestas that you should be sure to check out.

When to come to Colombia

Barranquilla Carnival

Feria de Las Flores

Noche de Las Velitas

Rock Al Parque


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2 thoughts on “VIDEO: The Fantastic, Colorful Gay Pride March in Bogota

  1. Gay Travel Hawaii on

    It was such a colorful parade of beauties and a great gathering for LGBT.


      Paul on

      It’s a fantastic day. Can’t wait to go this year!


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