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Colombia Travel Blog’s Top 5 Moments of 2011

For us at the Colombia Travel Blog and See Colombia Travel it’s been a hectic year. Travelling Colombia, meeting hundreds of new people, developing our business and settling into our new lives here in Colombia.

For all this success we have too many people to thank than we have space for. So to all our clients, passengers, contacts, friends, colleagues, operators, families and of course you, our readers, we send you this as a big thank you:

We only hope that our success continues during 2012. Here’s our top 5 moments of 2011, that we’ve all achieved together:

5. Footprint Travel Guides and See Colombia Travel collaborated

This year's Footprint guide for Colombia
This year’s Footprint guide for Colombia

Working with such a reputable company was great for us. Not only do we as a company now come recommended by them, but we got the opportunity to work with Footprint to spread the word about Colombia. We’re two companies with a similar goal: to provide accurate information for travellers and to help them with whatever they need.

(P.s. You still have just over a week to get hold of a 55% discount on Footprint’s latest Colombia guidebook with See Colombia Travel here)

2. Our growth in social media

Through our blog we've met people like Stephanie and Michael
Through our blog we’ve met people like Stephanie and Michael

It was JL that, a while ago, noticed the importance of social media in the marketing landscape of the future. Not only that, but the importance of sites such as Twitter and Facebook as resources for communication when it comes to travel. For these reasons we’ve been working hard on our accounts to help you, those visiting or thinking of visiting Colombia, navigate the country, recieve information and be aware that we’re there for any questions you might have. Our accounts have grown massively throughout the year and our presence on Trip Advisor has been well-noted.

As a bonus, we’ve also met fellow bloggers such as Stephanie and Michael, and you can check out their blogs here:

Art of Backpacking
20-Something Travel

You can check out our Twitter and Facebook accounts here:


3. We’re on our way to raising standards in Colombia

The team, hard at work
The team, hard at work

We travelled a lot during 2011 and we scoped out what we found to be the best providers, accommodation options and guides we could. Our search for perfection continues and we listen to everything every single traveller says in order to give feedback and improve the infrastructure of the tourism industry here. It’s one of our main goals and one we won’t give up on, but for 2011, we feel things are progressing in a great way.

2. Our Google rankings rose and rose and rose…

From our humble beginnings around a year ago we’ve made progress that we’re very proud of. Our individual visits went up 120% from March to August and then a further 98% from August to December. That means from March to December our hits have risen a huge 335%. Not only that, we’ve risen impressively in Google rankings, including being the top commercial website for ‘travel to Colombia’ and the number one active Colombia travel blog. Thanks for the clicks, guys!

1. Our Facebook proposal went viral

In 2010 JL proposed to Marcela in a truly unique fashion. The whole thing was recorded and made into a video that we planned to share among our friends but, as luck has it the video caught the imagination  of people on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter and was subsequently viralized. Within a month it had over 20,000 views and we were featured in the international media. It was a great time for us, and the ball hasn’t even stopped rolling. We were contacted by a certain multi-billion dollar social networking site for a project that should see some interesting progress in 2012…

The Colombia Travel Blog team

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