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2011 in style: Colombia Travel Blog’s Top 5 Top 5’s of the year

When it comes to the end of the year we enjoy reflecting. We at the Colombia Travel Blog paticuarly enjoy reflecting in a handy list format which is then ordered by preference. Confused? I’m talking about Top 5 lists. We’ve had many, many lists of ‘5 things…’ or ‘Top 5…’ and, frankly, we love them. So today’s post is dedicated to our favourites among these lists.

The Top 5 of our Top 5s.

5. Top 5 Colombian chains that should be all over the world

Crepes & Waffles
Crepes & Waffles (Photo courtesy of Joshua Heller)


Colombia is a land of entreprenuers: savvy, shrewd and innovative. This list represented our pick of the top 5 chains that were founded in Colombia that we feel should be all over the world.

4. Top 5 Colombian salsa songs

La 33
La 33 (Photo courtesy of Anacros

When Marcela gave birth to her first daughter, spirits were high in camp See Colombia Travel and we were in the mood for celebrating. What better way to celebrate than with our picks of the top Colombian salsa songs?

3. Top 5 search words used to find our Colombia Travel Blog



You wouldn’t think there’d be too much variation: Colombia travel, Colombia travel blog, vacations to Colombia… That kind of thing. As it turns out, people search for things as odd as ‘is my cat Colombian?’. We list our favourite search words, and of course answer that very pressing question.

2. 5 things I didn’t know about Colombia before I lived here

Life in Colombia?
Life in Colombia?

Colombia is a land of constant surprises. No matter how well you think you know the country, something will take you a-back at some point. Be it some landscape you never expected, a genre of food, a piece of architecture or a new museum. Here’s 5 things that caught me off guard early on.

1. 5 little differences between English and Colombian culture

Don't drink tea, I drink coffee dear...
Don’t drink tea, I drink coffee dear…


This actually came in a two part series, so there’s 10, but here are the first 5. Of course, these days I’m finding out more and more but these subtle but remarkable differences continue to make me smile whenever I encounter them.


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