Nov 09

VIDEO: Taganga – A Little Bit of Paradise

We’ve written about travel to Taganga before, but that was a while ago and the place is so beautiful and fun that we felt the need to do it again. Plus our friends at Off2Colombia, in their series of videos of Colombia, recently released their video of Taganga.

Taganga is a short, $1,200COL bus ride from Santa Marta. People go to Taganga to enjoy the great diving opportunities, the fantastic sunsets and the incredible night life. In fact, many people head to the tiny village with the intention of staying just a day, but such is the charm of the place the end up staying far longer.

The ideal day at Taganga consists of waking up early and doing some diving. After you’ve explored Colombia’s Caribbean coastline you can head to Playa Grande (not as big as its name suggests) and relax until the sun begins to set, when you should head back to Taganga’s very own beach, grab a beer and watch the spectacular sunset. Of course, most backpackers will then continue drinking until they end up in Mirador for the big party of the night, but that’s entirely up to you…

Fishing boats on Taganga’s coast

You should also note that from Taganga you can take a boat to Tayrona National Park.

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