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A Traveler’s Love Story: The Perfect Marriage Proposal… Mine! :)

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Hola! Today I want to share something very special and personal with all of you… please take a look at this video before reading today’s Colombia Travel Blog post:

The last two years have been wonderful for me, not only was I able start achieving my dream of  working in promoting Colombia to the world and show how incredible this country is,  but – partially because of that – many unbelievable things  keep happening  to me and I have run into some of  the most wonderful people I have ever met. One of them is now my husband, and today , a year after his amazing wedding proposal, I want to share with you the story of two travelers that were meant to meet each other and tell you about one of the most amazing experiences of my life: the day I got engaged!

Best Marriage Proposal Ever Facebook
Marcela in NY

Having travelled and lived abroad for so long, I reached a point where although I didn’t want to stop travelling, I did think a lot about love and kids and settling down “somewhere” or maybe just find “someone” that enjoyed travelling as much as I do and, “somehow” we would find the way to “settle down” and keep on travelling…. was that too much to ask for??

In early  2009 I organized, as part of my former job, a seminar about the famous “`law of attraction”` conducted by Tatiana Arias a beautiful soul and a very good Colombiana friend. One of the exercises during the seminar was to write a declaration on a specific area of our lives on a piece of paper; I decided to write about the perfect partner for me. So, I wrote on a little red post-it  that I wanted a man that loved travelling and kids and settling down “somewhere” and I described him exactly as I wanted….  after all I could write anything I wanted on that paper … so  I didn’t restrain myself !

Best Marriage Proposal Ever Facebook

About a month later, I got a Facebook friend request from the most gorgeous man ever J.  I saw his pic and thought he was very good looking but also thought  “ Mmm …  he is Peruvian and lives in Argentina”, so I decided not to get too excited, as I didn’t know many successful long distance relationships. Anyway, I decided to write back because we share a friend to whom I’m very grateful to, and asked him if we ever met through Bruno whilst I was traveling in Peru.

His answer was one of the funniest things I had ever read until that point in my life. No, we had never met “in person”, but he said he saw my picture and just felt he had to get in touch with me, something he had never ever done before (contacting someone on the internet, out of the blue) . So I accepted him as a Facebook friend and we started writing Facebook messages almost every day. I was so happy to have accepted him… It looked as if we shared so many things in life … and guess what? Yes, we shared a passion for Traveling!!!

He had been all over the world, he had even also lived in England for a while  (like me) and slowly, we discovered that we had actually been in a number of  countries at the same time, that we even had common friends but for some reason we had never met.  But more important:  travelling was really his passion (so much that –back then – he  co-owned one of the biggest Latin American Incoming tour operators). We kept on chatting and writing emails, and while chatting one day after a little more than a month,  he wrote saying that he felt something very special was going between us and that he thought we were already  “grown up” enough to admit it,  also he told me that, if I agreed, he wanted to go to Colombia and meet me there… I almost fainted and thought, am I really a grown up?

Best Proposal ever
This is us in Revash

He finally made it to Colombia about a month later. From that very moment my life changed completely, 4 days from there we decided that we would be together and that we would have to get our things organized so that we would spend that Christmas and the rest of them together. And so we did, and now here I’m writing from our apartment in Bogota about the best wedding proposal ever…. MINE!!! …but lets not jump ahead so quickly..there’s a lot more 🙂

Back in April 2010 we traveled to Peru for 2 months, and it’s only now that I realize how elaborated and well planned his wedding proposal was. Starting in March he told me several times, very subtly, that when in Lima, we were going to attend the June premiere of a short film made by Alex, one of his friends.

So on June 2nd last year, he went to work and by mid day he called me telling that he had an emergency to attend at the printers regarding some brochures for a travel show and that he was going to go back to our hotel late, just in time to take a shower and leave for Alex’s premiere. So during the afternoon I just went shopping and then went back to the hotel to wait for him and rush to the theater were the infamous “premiere” was going to take place… Little I knew that in fact he was at the theatre getting ready  the final details for my secret proposal. So he got back around 8 PM and I was a bit worried because we were going to get there very late… we were already about 20 minutes late when we  finally headed to the venue.

About one block before getting there I held his hand and noticed he was very nervous, so I asked him why and he said that he was proud of his pupil’s very first short film and just wanted everything to go as planned.

Anyway, we got to this especial little theater in Barranco, Lima’s Bohemian area, called Mocha Grana late …. VERY LATE, so when we got in, all the lights were shut and we HAD to sit right in front. Alex was at the stage rambling about how grateful he was about all of us coming to that very important day of his life, the audience clapped ant the lights went out.

The film began, credits started to appear on the screen and some 30 seconds later JL (my  then boyfriend)  told me he wanted to go to the toilet.  I thought   “ Uuuhhmmm??? but we just got here!!!“ So he left and I just sat there looking at the screen and thinking how ashamed I was for being late. Then when the credits finished and I was expecting the film to start ….his voice came from the screen out and started talking to ME!!!

At first I didn’t understand what was going on, I didn’t understand why a camera man, all of the sudden,  was filming ME, I was confused because there were pictures of us when we were little on the screen!!!! When I realized what was all this about and while listening to JL saying the most beautiful things and watching the images,  I started laughing and then crying and laughing again…. and at the end of the sweetest video I had ever seen, his voice said  – as if it was a movie trailer –  “ Marcela Mariscal, te casarias conmigo???”  and two little boxes, one for “ yes “ and one for “ no”, appeared on the screen.

Best Marriage Proposal Ever - Facebook travelers

At that point a spotlight above the stage turned on , and JL appeared at the stage asking me to join him …. but I was glued to my chair!!  J. I don’t know how I managed to get up and to the stage, when I did; I turned around and saw about 40 people, all friends and family. They were all clapping and laughing and cheering us…. ohh my goshhh… it was absolutely beautiful. “Thank you all for coming, but this part is personal” he said, so he walked with me right at the very back of the stage, where no one heard, and proposed.

And I, of course, said “Yes”

After all the clapping and cheering, while having sushi and champagne with all our friends and family at the theater’s lobby, we all cried and laughed together… most of the women there punched their husbands for not being as creative as  JL and most boyfriends punched him for setting the standards too high!!!

What a magical night it was!  And what a magical couple of years for that matter …  a little more than two years ago I was dubious about starting a long distance relationship with a traveler like me, now I have learned that when you really want something, you just have to put things in motion, DO things for them to happen. So now, I’m not traveling alone anymore but with the man I want to have by my side forever.

Facebook Marriage Proposal

Many other things have happened since, we got married last January in Bogota and JL decided to sell his shares at his former company and take a –well calculated- leap of faith moving from Buenos Aires and to Bogota, and join me in the See Colombia Travel project to promote this (our) country to the world … and most important , in November 2011 we are expecting a little traveler ready to explore the world with us!

Thanks a lot for letting me sharing this with you!


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PS2: We’d like to thank Alexander Reyes (http://www.soyalexreyes.com/) for helping JL with the animations, editing, video concept and his unlimited and generous friendship , Andrea Lopez for the very cute drawings that were used for the animation part (which by the way you can buy here: http://www.etsy.com/shop/quinch?ref=si_shop ), Christopher Farfan who lent JL his sound studio for the voice over recording (http://www.myspace.com/christopherfarfan) , Sandra Cassinelli for the event organization and Rory Sheldon, the coolest Botswanian ever for being our cameraman that night. Thank you all!



32 thoughts on “A Traveler’s Love Story: The Perfect Marriage Proposal… Mine! :)

    Claudio on

    Muy bueno, ademas que sean uno de Colombia y otro de Perú es mejor aun, ambos países tiene mucho en comun , mismas geografía, misma idiosincrasia, cultura muy semejante.
    Yo soy peruano pero amo a Colombia.


    Patricia Ochoa-Werschulz on

    This is really a wonderful post and story. I realize I’m a few years late to the party but I’m sure glad to have found it. I can relate as well as my husband and I met on MySpace in 2004 (I reached out to him on a whim and because I thought he was cute) and in 2007 we were married. And in late 2011 we welcomed our son into the world. I hope you guys are having a beautiful life in Bogota. I’ll be sure to contact you both for tips on traveling in the interior. My family is from Bquilla (yet i was born and raised in the US) and well, I have traveled the coast pretty extensively since I was 15. It’s been my dream to see more of mi patria and I hope to do it soon with my boys. Hope you are all well!


    catalina on

    What a lovely story!
    And what a couple!
    I wish you a lifetime of happiness, and I guess you’re already having it!
    This is such an inspiring and perfect story of love.
    Thanks for sharing it.


      JL on

      Thank You very very much for your beautiful words, Catalina.


    JL on

    Muchas Gracias Alejandra! Excelente la aplicacion, nos gustaria poder entrevistarlos, es una historia que vale la pena contar! Un Abrazo JL


    Alejandra on

    Hola Chicos, hermosa historia, la idea del trailer fue buenísima también. Les deseo grandes felicidades y muchos recorridos juntos.LLoré toda la mitad del video 😉

    Les comparto también nuestra historia.

    En nuestro caso, por una historia de amor, nace un proyecto que ahora tiene 3 años y medio por el cual deseamos incentivar muchas personas a aprender idiomas. http://www.mosalingua.com/es/%C2%BFcomo-nacio-el-proyecto-de-mosalingua/

    Seguiré leyendolos. Aleja


    Alex Marulanda on

    Very beautiful story, Can’t wait to find someone and be as lucky as both of you.
    Dios te Bendiga



    maria del pilar ariza on

    Me encantaria saber mas de Las rutas que tienen yo soy Colombians y vivo en USA. Mi esposo es Americano y me gustaria conocer todos esos sitios con el.


    Claudia on

    Congrats to you both!! I loved reading your story and I wish you both the very best!! Thank you so much for promoting Colombia so beautifully!! I hope to visit my family again in the next few months and I can’t wait!! Que viva Colombia!!


      JL on

      Thanks Claudia, thats what we love to do in life! We’re very happy living here in Bogota with our 4 months old baby girl, Maria del Mar 🙂 ….. Un Abrazo!


    Coraline on

    This is a really touching story here. And what a nice proposal you had!!! I wish you and your husband all the best for the future. And thank you for sharing this special moment with us!


    Natalia on

    This video and post almost brought tears to my eyes because I have thought about the same issue many times. Growing up in different countries, what are the odds of finding each other? Amazingly, it happened! Jose Luis and I have been together for 5 yrs already, and many more to come!
    Awesome story…. Thanks for sharing!


      Paul on

      Glad you appreciated it. It can be complicated trying to mix travel and romance but hey, these two prove it can work!



    Britt on

    what an amazing story! I hope you guys have many more happy years together! Thanks for sharing 🙂


    Isabelle on

    I would love to see the video but because of the music in it it is prohibbited to watch this video in my country. =(

    I am really happy that it worked out for you and hope for me it will work out some day in the future as well as I am in a distant relationship for almost 2 years now and there are still 1 1/2 years to come because of my studies..

    good luck and my best wishes to the two of you


    Thuli Khoza on

    wow, that is so amazing. You are one lucky lady… all the best on your wedding.


    jill- Jack and Jill Travel The World on

    Soooo happy for you. How romantic! Congratulations, guys and here wishing you a lifetime of happy travels and awesome memories!


    Rose on

    What a wonderful happy story you have shared with me. Congratulations and Best Wishes for the future. The birth of your first child in November 2011 is a thrilling conclusion to this adventure…
    I am sure your promotion of Colombia as a tourist destination will also be sucessful also.
    I will in the next few years be visiting my Colombian sister who I grew to know and love whilst she was visiting in my country for two years.. Maybe I will be lucky enough to join with one of the tours you are promoting. Good Luck with all your endeavours.


    Stephanie Sadler on

    Beautiful story! Thanks for sharing. I enjoyed it 🙂


    The Travel Chica on

    What a wonderful story! Yours is the first love story I’ve heard of that started with Facebook.


    magda on

    This WAS a perfect proposal. I loved reading your story. 🙂 Congrats lady!


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