Feb 14

Everlasting Colombian Romances – A Valentine’s Day 2013 Special

Happy Valentine’s Day from the team here at See Colombia Travel.

Even though Valentine’s Day isn’t really celebrated here, Colombia’s a romantic country and so we thought it fit to do something. So in honour of non-Valentine’s Day, here’s our homage to the country’s most enduring relationships. We love it all!

Happy Valentine's Day!
Happy Valentine’s Day!

Send us your suggestions for more everlasting Colombian romances and we might include them!

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3 thoughts on “Everlasting Colombian Romances – A Valentine’s Day 2013 Special

  1. Natalia on

    Looooove this post!! I think the most misunderstood, but delicious and strong “romance” is the chocolante and cheese one!


      Paul Fowler on

      Haha, not my personal favourite but I respect all opinions! I much prefer the delicious romance of the refajo, or the guaro with a pueblo…


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