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Colombia boasts many islands off its shores, but there are two that stand out in terms of tourism infrastructure and their natural beauty. The most popular island is San Andres, but if you’re looking for your own slice of heaven on earth, we reckon Providencia could be the island to look out for.

Providencia sunset

Providencia is a mountainous island that can be reached by plane or boats from San Andres. Like San Andres, it boasts some of the most beautiful beaches you’re likely to come across in the Caribbean but, unlike its bigger brother, Providencia doesn’t host a wealth of hotels and resorts to accommodate travelers. Instead, it’s a quiet island that feels as though it’s been relatively untouched by urbanism. You’re sure to find great accommodation options in Providencia, but it’ll feel much more like your own adventure – a definite traveler’s haven.

As well as relaxing on the white sands and dipping into the turquoise waters, you can participate in many sports on the island. Scuba diving is particularly popular, owing to the spectacular coral reefs that surround Providencia. You can also visit the island’s Old Town which, as the name suggests, is the oldest settlement in Providencia.

A peculiarity of the island that might surprise visitors is that the locals actually speak a Creole English (in fact, islanders call it Old Providence) , meaning you won’t have to worry about leaving that Spanish phrase book at the top of your luggage – although if you want to practice, Spanish is widely spoken too.

A visit to Providencia is a captivating, remarkable experience. It’s the kind of place travelers dream about, but as always in Colombia, you can make it a reality. If you want to visit the island of Providencia then be sure to check out the fully-customizable tours available with See Colombia Travel.

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