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Apr 13

Hidden Bogotá: La Macarena

For those living here in Bogotá, La Macarena is a well-known area since there’s a large expat community, but it can easily escape the typical tourist route as it sits between the popular regions of the city’s center (where you’ll find La Candelaria) and the north. Those exploring the city on a Bogotá tour, however, are likely to be charmed by the neighborhood. It’s a bohemian area full of cafes, fashionable shops and excellent dining options. In addition, because it’s slightly off the beaten track, you won’t be forced to part with too many of your pesos.

The Torre del Parque makes for a spectacular view from La Macarena

The best dining options in La Macarena are undoubtedly to be found on Calle 4 with Carrera 29. Here you’ll find a street of restaurants with international focus and quality. There’s Argentinean, British, Mexican, Spanish, Italian and American dining options, and they all offer excellent quality cuisine.

Your options aren’t limited to this street, however, and you’ll delight in wandering the area and discovering new little cafes (there’s a great chocolate shop on Calle 4 with Carrera 28, for example) where you can buy a delicious tinto(black Colombian coffee) or tuck in to some typical Colombian food. All the buildings are charmingly colorful and the area buzzes with students, expats and young professionals. Just beyond the area are the beautiful mountains of Bogotá, and since you’re high up in the city, you have spectacular views of the city in the other direction.

To get to La Macarena you can walk from the city’s centre, past the Bull Ring and up the hill into the area. If you’re coming from the north of the city, take a bus to Carrera 7a and stop around Calle 30 (the business district of the city center). Walk towards the National Museum and follow the hill up towards the mountains. Alternatively, take a taxi or ask locals, Colombians are notoriously friendly and happy to help, and they’re sure to know the bohemian neighborhood of La Macarena.



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