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A Journey to Colombia: A Documentary

Journey to Colombia documentary by Luis Eduardo Villamizar




The first and last time I was in Colombia, I was two and a half years old and it was 1973. Even though I’ve only been there that one time, I’ve always felt a strong connection to the country and its people. I was born in the US, North Jersey to be exact, and both my parents are Colombian. I grew up in warm and sunny Miami. The last ten years I’ve been living in Atlanta and terribly missing the proximity of the ocean. My frequent trips to South Florida are fun-filled days catching up with family and friends, indulging myself in delicious food, revisiting old haunts and basking on the beach.

In May 2012, I started working on a documentary film project entitled A Journey to Colombia. Through the film, I want to give the audience an insight into my search to understand my identity, family history and Colombian heritage. The goal of the documentary is to educate the audience about the beauty of Colombia and the Colombian people while contradicting Hollywood-stereotypes by displaying the country’s diverse culture, economic advances and the resilience of the people.

Luis Eduardo Villamizar is making a documentary following his roots and family history in Colombia
Not quite a Colombian beach, but it will do…

My initial plans to travel to Colombia this past summer had to be changed. Since then I’ve made several trip in the US filming other parts of the documentary. At this moment, I don’t know when I will be able to finalize my trip to Colombia but now this has also become part of my story, part of the journey to discover my roots.

For the last year and a half, through social media , I’ve met so many wonderful people around the world from Scotland to California, from Canada to Colombia, who are supporting the film. Some of these people are from See Colombia Travel. Early on in pre-production, I came across this website and instantly fell in love with the content and photos. I found myself exploring the website on a daily basis until one day I reached out to them with my story. From the beginning, they have welcomed me with open arms and hearts. Throughout my process, the staff has been very helpful in planning for my travel to Colombia and I have been given a sense of what to really expect from the people, the culture and way of life in various parts of the country.


Luis Eduardo Villamizar


Now with their help, on this blog, I would like to share not only my journey but also the stories of the other amazing people I’ve meet during this experience. We all have a passion, a love, a reason for going to Colombia. I hope that you find these stories inspirational enough to share yours or to make your own travel plans to Colombia.

Safe travels & Viva Colombia!



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