#A country gone to hell. (Overhead shot of a desert – cacti, chickens, and donkeys. Numerous Mexicans in army fatigues shooting machine guns into the air) Mexicans: “Underlay, underlay, Yippai! Yippai!”   #A ruthless drug lord with no mercy. (Shot of a chubby, white-suited, sun-glassed drug lord walking away as his moustachioed goons shoot a […]

  I don’t know if it’s because of my quiet aspirations to be a housewife, or just that I don’t like getting up in the morning, but I’ve always been fascinated with the phenomenon which is daytime TV. There’s something possibly apocalyptic about the terrible soaps, commercials about life insurance, and the glorious trashiness of […]

Bogotá has been putting on its own film festival since way back in 1984 and last night I got the chance to check out this year’s celebration of world cinema. I went and saw Reverón, at Avenida de Chile Cinema, which is a film directed by Diego Rísquez about famed Venezuelan artist Armando Reverón. The film […]

If you’re a frequent reader of the Colombia Travel Blog you’ll have seen our series highlighting the crimes of Hollywood against Colombia. We’ve looked at the comical (Romancing the Stone), the absurd (Mr. & Mrs. Smith), and the meta-fictional (Entourage). Today we’re looking at the latest edition in the canon of misrepresentation: Colombiana. From the […]