cerros de mavecure guainia colombia

  La versión de este post en castellano aquí : https://seecolombia.travel/blog/2016/05/como-viajar-de-manera-independiente-a-los-cerros-de-mavecure/ Thanks to the recent Oscar nomination (Colombia’s first) for the epic jungle feature El Abrazo de la Serpiente (‘The Embrace of the Serpent’), one Colombian adventure travel destination looks particularly set to benefit in 2016 and beyond: the Cerros de Mavecure, or Mavecure Hills, in […]

Fin del Mundo Mocoa Colombia

  Writing about how to visit Mocoa in Colombia’s southern Putumayo department has become somewhat of a hobby and passion of mine – I have written blogs about hiking to the Fin del Mundo waterfalls, visiting the Paway Amazonian Ecological Center, and explaining the 10 reasons why you absolutely have to visit Mocoa. Why am […]

  Colombia has often been associated with treasure: El Dorado, the biggest producer of emeralds on earth, the pirate legends of the Caribbean. However, the true jewels of Colombia are it’s remarkable array of hummingbirds – at almost 150 species, Colombia has the world’s largest hummingbird diversity! Here’s a gallery of incredible photos of Colombian hummingbirds, […]

Visit Mocoa Putumayo

  There’s another puente (or Colombian national holiday) next weekend and, instead of heading a couple of hours away to tierra caliente, I have (happily) accepted the ‘offer’ to accompany some friends on another trip to Mocoa in Putumayo – my third this year! The majority of Colombians have never visited the department and most foreign tourists to Colombia […]

Puerto Gaitan Colombia

  We were somewhere on the edge of Meta near the banks of the river when the visions began to take hold: suddenly the silence of the jungle was broken by the sound of exhaling and splashing as the surface of the brown river was broken by the most surreal creatures I could ever have dreamt up […]

Paway Centro Ecoturistico Amazónico, Mocoa

  I’ve been spending some time down in the jungle over the past few days, getting to know Mocoa (the capital of Putumayo department) and it’s surrounding jungles and waterfalls. It’s remarkable that in just 12 hours on a night bus from the Andean chill of the ‘refrigerator’ (as people often call Bogota) you can […]