Flamingos La Guajira Colombia

We’ve written before about the many surreal locations that you can visit on a trip to Colombia: eerie prison islands battered by the waves of the Pacific, lost colonial gems on the Magdalena River, rivers running red through the jungle…and a bunch of bright pink cartoonish birds living in a wondrous coastal desert by the […]

José Celestino Mutis Botanical Gardens

  As this past Monday was a holiday here in Colombia (as it seems every other weekend is sometimes!) I decided not to sit around sleeping off the inevitable novelty-Sunday-party hangover, but do some research for this blog instead (so professional!), and enjoy a day at one of Bogota’s most beautiful tourist attractions; the José Celestino […]

Caiman Colombian Amazon

  Halloween is fast approaching; a night for spooky costumes, street parties and eating too many sweets! However, for plenty of people who are traveling, Halloween can end up being just another day: you’re staying in a hostel somewhere, maybe you don’t know anyone, and you can’t exactly fit that amazing Edward Scissorhands costume in […]

Buff-Tailed Coronet Hummingbird

  Colombia is becoming increasingly well-known for it’s incredible ecotourism and wildlife-watching opportunities, as travelers flock to the country to enjoy watching humpback whales, pink river dolphins and over 1,900 species of bird. However, what a lot of people don’t realize is that you don’t need to head hundreds of miles outside the cities to […]

Humpback Whale Colombia

  It’s the first day of July, and that means one thing (well, it means lots of things, but for our purposes just one!): it’s officially the beginning of humpback whale season here in Colombia. The first whales were spotted from the coast of Colombia’s Pacific region a couple of weeks ago, but it’s July […]

Diving Colombia

  The wonders of Colombia aren’t just on dry land: the country boasts two separate coastlines, and a number of gorgeous islands and offshore natural reserves. All of this sea makes for some incredible diving experiences, and some fairly unique ones too. So, that being said, here are See Colombia’s Top 5 diving spots in […]

Cali Zoo

  Of all the stunning attractions that Colombia has to offer; snow-capped Andean peaks, verdant tropical rainforest, palm-fringed Caribbean beaches; the one I’m about to write about may seem a bit unlikely. However, the Cali Zoo is a wonderful place to visit on a trip to Colombia, and certainly a highlight of any visit to […]