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What to do in Bucaramanga: Top 5



Bucaramanga, the capital city of Santander department in Colombia’s North-East, is a pretty city of some half a million people; a city of parks and universities, clean and relaxed, with a pleasant year-round temperature of around 22 degrees. Yet it remains a relatively untouristic Colombian city, with just a few hostels to its name. However, Bucaramanga is a lovely little stop-over for a few days on a Colombian trip, and deserves more attention from travellers. Here are 5 great ideas for what to do on a visit to the ‘Pretty City’:

1. Parklife

Bucaramanga is famous for it’s parks: the centre of the city is full of green spaces, ranging from a city block in size, to lush green valleys hidden from the hustle and bustle of urban life. My personal favourite was Parque Ecologico La Flora, set in a long valley, and filled with birds.


Parque Ecologico La Flora
Parque Ecologico La Flora


2. Go paragliding

Santander is one of the best places in Colombia to experience one of man’s oldest dreams: flight. The company Colombia Paragliding, who are linked with Kasa Guane Hostel in Bucaramanga offer daily flights from 2pm with stunning panoramic views over the city and the Santander countryside. It’s a magnificent way to experience the city from a different angle.


Paragliding Bucaramanga Colombia
Flying high over Bucaramanga (photo: Tobi Hugo)


3. Visit the Botanical Gardens

Just outside of the city centre are Bucaramanga’s botanical gardens which, even if your park wanderings haven’t satisfied you, are a wonderful way of escaping urban life for an afternoon, and reveling in the green, lush surrounding, the air full of bird calls and the scent of tropical flowers.


Hummingbird Botanical Gardens
A Hummingbird in the Botanical Gardens


4. Eat, eat, eat!

Santander is rightly famous for it’s gastronomy within Colombia, and the department’s capital is a great place to try out carne oreada, cabrito con pepitoria, Santander-style arepas and much more. And don’t forget about the big-bottomed ants…


Hormigas Culonas
Hormigas Culonas


5. Visit Casa del Libro Total

This was a surprise addition to my list, but after a visit to this wonderful old colonial house in the city’s old-town I added it in at No. 5 straight away: the building has been converted into a fantastic cultural space, with an online directory of books which can be accessed through computers on-site or downloaded at home, as well as a range of art exhibitions and a great coffee place in the courtyard. It fits in perfectly with Bucaramanga’s image as a city of education.


Casa del Libro Total Bucaramanga
Casa del Libro Total, Bucaramanga



8 thoughts on “What to do in Bucaramanga: Top 5

  1. David Jose Ortiz Duarte on

    Hi Chris!!! I hope you’re OK. I’m a Local in this great city. And I definitely suggest you going to “Parque del Agua” next time. -Water’s park-. It’s a peaceful place to have time with your family. With beautiful wooden paths, waterfalls, pools,ect. Lovely tropical trees, plants and flowers. I know both, La flora park and water’s park. The last one it’s a likeable place to chill and relax for a while too. I give you a tripadvisor link to check it out.

  2. Javier on

    Well, I just wanted to add some stuff you could do at Bucaramanga, although it’s definitely not a touristy place, if you do actually come, there are really good things you should surely do:
    – Giron: Merely about 15 minutes away, at it’s center, Giron hosts really beautiful colonial and well preserved buildings, nice central plaza, “raspaos” (flavored ice) and restaurants.
    – Floridablanca: Just at its side so you can’t even differentiate it, this town offers the best of a Colombian dessert, Obleas, near to the central park you can ask and search for numerous places to eat them.
    – Cerro El Santisimo: Located in the municipality of Floridablanca, you can get there by Cable Car, is sort of a Park, still in development, that boast one of the biggest Christ Statues, with a lookout at its peak, offering incredible views, along with restaurants, bars, handicrafts, and some time in the future it will be a great starting point of eco-nature trekking paths.


      Elena on

      Hi Javier,
      How easy is to get to either Giron or Florida blanca from Bucaramanga?


        Matt on


        Floridablanca and Giron are part of Bucaramanga, so they are very easy to get to. You can take a bus very cheaply to both places (also to Piedecuesta).

  3. Audrey Ovallos Gaona on

    Although Bucaremanaga is usually a quiet, small and peacefull city, in recente years have become a little bit chaotic mainly because mobility problems. There are too many workers making arrengemnets on the main streets, so if you want to come you have to be really patience.

  4. LeonSand on

    Thaaaank youuuu!!! ^_^

  5. Antonia on

    If some one is looking to travel Bucaramanga then this blog will surely helpful to him to know about the best attractions of Bacaramanga and enjoy his trip.


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