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5 of the Best Burgers in Colombia (Burgers. Everywhere. Colombia’s National Dish?)


I don’t want to sound like a disgusting pig (Hey! I”m just big stomach-boned), but I’ve a confession to make. I’m kind of in love with Colombian burgers. I don’t know what’s happened – I’ve never eaten so many burgers anywhere else. It seems like not a week goes by that darling I don’t find myself somehow guiltily wiping my face of barbeque sauce and pineapple jam, after having caught myself in that shameful act once again. Don’t judge me; I was once like you. What’s happened?

Well, maybe these happened. Just 5 of the best spots to get your delicious cow sandwich on here. Granted, burgers are pretty much on every corner of every Colombian town, but these are our picks for gut-busting, greasy, post-burger guilt. And, although they might not feature beetroot, they’re still pretty damn good. Get amongst it, guys.

1. El Corral.


All your meat are belong to us.
All your meat are belong to us.


Well, it’s hard to go past El Corral. If only just because they’re pretty much anywhere, even Florida. Here, they’re more ubiquitous than the Golden Arches, and I – plus everybody else that likes to eat actual food – is eternally grateful about this fact. I’m not aware of another honest-to-blog burger chain that’s as good. They are a bit costly, but almost ridiculously HUGE. You get a proper, juicy, tasty slab of meat to keep you out of trouble, and the range is pretty satisfactory – try a Double With Cheese if you’ve no time to fool around. The Criolle one’s got egg on it, too. I haven’t convinced them about beetroot, yet – but that’s a work in process.


2. La Hamburgueseria


Got the Blues. I'm sincerely sorry, guys. I don't know how my dad keeps on highjacking my posts.
Got the Blues. I’m sincerely sorry, guys. I don’t know how my dad keeps on highjacking my posts.


Having not yet conquered the rest of Colombia (first they take Bogota, then it’s Medellin), a wee bit cheaper than El Corral; and, for mine, pipping the Colombian Burger King (oops, I mean El Corral) at the post for flavour and atmosphere, La Hamburgueseria, which roughly translates as “The Hamburgerier” (more Hamburger), will see me back again. Sorry, guys, you’ll just have to put up with me. Usaquen’s is probably the pick of the locales – they even have weekend live music – but Park 93, La Candelaria, and La Macarena have really lovely restaurants, too.  So lovely, that “restaurant,” actually isn’t a euphemism here. Get the Blue Cheese one. Do it. They’ve a selection of seriously tasty beers, too – just saying.


3. The Rock Band Burgers.


Sorry it's not the burger itself, but just wanted you to get an idea of the place.
Sorry it’s not the burger itself, but just wanted you to get an idea of the place. Also, I’d eaten it before I realised I should have taken a pic.


Before we leave Bogota (Burger Capital), I thought I’d mention this one. This bus (don’t adjust your sets; that’s what I said) lured me in because they were playing that timeless classic, “The Land Down Under” (where beer does flow, and men chunder). I know that’s not a very plausible explanation, but we’re here to talk about the burgers, right? The Lenny Kravitz is pretty seriously good, even though I was a bit confused as to why Lenny would put his name to food featuring bacon. Those rock stars will do anything you ask them. Continuing a Colombian theme, the burgers are rather massive, and the stuff here is fresh, succulent, and full of meaty goodness. Plus, you get to eat it in their bus, that leaves from Calle 72 (next stop, Flavour City) and is lovingly made over. The two brothers that run the show are friendly and seriously concerned about the quality of their burgers, and play the best cheesy rock the 80s and 90s have to offer. Oh, you do realise: it doesn’t actually go anywhere literally, right?


4. Chef Burger. 


chef burger


Don’t lament though, Medellin: you’ve got your fair share of top-notch burgers, too. By overwhelming popular demand, Chef Burger is the Paisa Pick. Conveniently located in Poblado Party Central (there’s one in Laureles, too), this joint’s friendly atmosphere alone will have you coming back. But, we’re not hear to talk about the damn ambience, when there’s the serious business of shaking hands with beef to attend to. Chef Burger does the word, “hamburger,” proud. In the best paisa tradition, the Pepper Jack comes with an arepa, but I’ll have the Royale (it comes with cheese, of course), thank you. Big enough to shut me up for a while, presented nicely on fake newspaper, and done to perfection. Oh yes, this place has got the best chips of the lot of them, too. Mc Cain, are you serious?


5. El Chaparral.


Just goes to show: burgers aren't anti-Pasto.
Just goes to show: burgers aren’t anti-Pasto.


Pasto is a little bit different. Years ago, the city was one of the few last royalist strongholds, resisting the trend prevelant elsewhere in Colombia. These days, they resist the burger imperialism of El Corral, and the major reason for El Corral’s failure to conquer this southern city is El Chaparral. Let’s not mess around with “Italian” or “Arab” style burgers – really, though, who are you kidding here? – let’s focus on the meat: that’s the number one priority. As they also offer straight-up barbequed meat plates, too, El Chaparral do their humungous patties right. Get amongst a Super Special, because, you know, it’s super special. They deliver, too. In Pasto: I don’t think that stretches to other cities just yet…

11 thoughts on “5 of the Best Burgers in Colombia (Burgers. Everywhere. Colombia’s National Dish?)

  1. Paul Giles on

    Ai no! How good is the La Hamburgueseria Blue Cheese Burger/Onion Ring combo? I think I need to go change my pants just thinking about it.


    JuanchoPancho on

    La Hamburgueseria was my favorite while I was down there. They also deliver which is great! Good menu as well, tortilla soup, calentado, onion rings.


      Paul Fowler on

      I agree, that’s my favourite one too.


    Paul Giles on

    Matt, you may have a point, but, comparing it to other major chains (maccas, I’m looking at you) El Corral is miles ahead, imho. you do get a *lot* of burger there.
    And, furthermore, Galapagos has just made it onto the future possible list. Chia, watch out!


    Matt on

    I may be discrediting myself, but I’ve always found el corral to be overrated- its great that the burgers look like the pictures, but they’re under-seasoned like so much Colombian food; probably why there are so many good toppings.

    For my money, best I’ve had in Colombia (and a great value) is Galapagos in Chia. Well worth the ride there. Place is huge (so are the burgers) and often gets mobbed because its so excellent. i highly recommend making trip out of bogota for a change of pace and if you’re going to andres there you can save yourself a couple of sheckles by eating there first, not at andres.


      Paul Fowler on

      Absolutely spot on with Galapagos, incredible sized burgers. El Corral can be hit and miss, but there’s no doubt it’s a favourite here in town.


    Brice on

    Sweet & Rock at Barbacoa in Envigado is one of the best burgers anywhere.


      Paul Giles on

      OK, it’s already obvious that we’re going to have to do a follow-up post to this, in which we get to travel Colombia testing out claims such as those above. Potential sponsors of this burger marathon?


    Dave on

    Hands down the best burger I’ve had in Colombia the last 5 years was a Thai burger at Gringo Mike’s in San Gil. Not only that, it’s one of the best burgers I’ve had in all of Latin America.


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