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Ultimate Guide: How to be a Backpacker at the Medellín Flower Festival.


As we keep on telling you, Medellín is awesome. Especially during the Flower Festival. It´s a funny coincidence, but it just so happens that official precedings kick off today. Don´t panic, though: if you haven´t lugged your pack to the City of Eternal Spring (and partays), you haven´t missed out on everything. There´s still plenty of time to see Medellín at its best, as the partays get serious later on next week.

Thus, the following guide should help you have the best time possible.




You *still* haven´t called them?
You *still* haven´t called them?


Call The Wandering Paisa. Now. Why are you still at the computer screen, bud? I´m usually wary of places claiming to be ¨the best blah blah in blah blah,¨ because, if you are actually the best, you probably don´t need to go on claiming to be. Still, we haven´t come across a better hostel in the Paisa Capital. A great location, friendly and knowledgable staff, and, of course, hammocks. If you didn´t roll into town with your crew, this is the best spot to find some Flower Buddies.




I´m afraid it has to be done.


The people of Medellín are (understandably) proud of all things Medellín – from their metro, their mullets, to their guaro. They claim that Antioqueño aguardiente is the best in the world. Even if this were true, it would still be aguardiente, which means that it is, by definition, terrible. OK, I´ll have another shot. Why not?

Also, a brand of beer called Pilsen seems to be favoured in these parts. Just a heads up, guys.




Bandeja Paisa
Bandeja Paisa, image courtesy of


Bandeja Paisa. Get into it. ´Nuff said.

Also, the burgers at Chef Burger, in Poblado, are pretty bangin.




This sort of thing is the norm at Mangos. Just so you´re prepared.
This sort of thing is the norm at Mangos. Just so you´re prepared.


After you´ve filled your face at Chef Burger, there are plenty of party options around Poblado, which is Paisa Party Central, However, if you head down the road to Itagüí (Carrera 42 No. 67A – 151), you´ll discover probably the most (in)famous club in town, Mangos. Allegedly, it´s so popular, because the proprietor did a deal with the devil. I think he can play a pretty mean guitar, too.

Of course, being the biggest time of the year, there are plenty of concerts, and just general shenanigans on the street all through Medellín. It´s going to be difficult to not have a good time. Why would you even want to prove me wrong, though?


Oh yeah; there just happens to be a Flower Festival going on.


Colorful costumes at Feria de Las Flores
Colorful costumes at Feria de Las Flores


Oops: I almost forgot.I was writing this post because of the flower festival, right? Check out the intricate and spectacular flower dislays. They even beat those at the Royal Easter Show back in Sydney, impossible to believe as that is. Marvel at the feats of strength of the stileteros, guys carrying massive floral displays on their backs. Flowers can get heavy, believe you me. There´s also a vintage car display, and plenty more. Check out here for what we´ve said about former years here.

And check out the official site here, so you can check the full program.

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