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Weather in Colombia – An introduction

Cabo de La Vela, La Guajira

When people ask about what it’s like living in Colombia, among other things they usually ask about the weather. Most people tend to think that Colombia is a tropical paradise with balmy weather all year round. Some of the country is, for sure, but it can also get mighty chilly too and I’ll tell you why.

Very few countries in the world are located on the Equatorial world line but that is certainly the case for Colombia and results in some pretty extreme Colombia weather.

A beautiful warm day in Medellín
A beautiful warm day in Medellín

If you travel by road, you will experience the change of climates pretty quickly. Within minutes you could be feeling the chill then drop to a lower altitude and need to put on some shorts to keep cool.

The weather here is largely unique because of the large variety of high dry temperatures all year round. This is due to its position within what is called the Torrid Zone and  the 3 Andean branches that cross it. As well as climate, this also impacts the biodiversity of flora and fauna within the country too.

It has also been said that because of Colombia’s position, any visit to the country can enjoy all types of temperatures in one place.

The Sierra Nevada
The Sierra Nevada

That means you can go from one extreme hot and dry desert like the Guajira to the snow caped/glacier mountains of La Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta within a couple of thousand meters.

The temperature up in the Andean mountains increases or decreases about 6ºC every 1000 meters forming what is called the Thermal Layers, determining the type of climate and temperature of a certain destinations; it can also affect the temperatures at day and night. For example cities such as Bogota could show temperatures of up to 23° C during a sunny the day and down to 0°C at night.

Whether you love a crisp cold night or are beach goer and love to feel the hot sun on your skin, Colombia weather probably has the perfect climate for you.

So when you start packing for your travel to Colombia, be sure to have an idea of where you want to go because you just might need to back your summer gear as well as your winter clothing all for the same trip!

Happy travels.

4 thoughts on “Weather in Colombia – An introduction

  1. Wayne Rosa on

    Hello Sara,
    I am from Brisbane also although now living on the Northern end of the Gold Coast,
    I read your story of selling up and moving to Columbia. I’m jealous. I have worked in Engineering most of my life but have been considering (No – more than considering) becoming a copywriter and becoming a digital Nomad – and have a strong pull towards Columbia. I do like south America I lived in Brazil for 7 months in 2006. Would you have any advice for someone thinking of changing career to writing and also moving to Columbia? Would love to hear from someone who has paved the road ahead. I am currently doing the copywriting course fromAWAI and also a course by John Carlton. I have always had the urge to write. I am also in the process of creating an online education centre to educate people on taking their passions to an online business.

    Fellow Aussie

  2. Colleen on

    I can’t believe what a difference a day means in temperature — from 0 to 23 is shocking. It certainly means that travelers need to pack well and bring clothing for nearly every type of weather!

  3. Beekinga on

    I remember when very little Bogotá never sported spring like weather, we would go from Los Llanos to Bogotá and started layering woolens just before los páramos…then Bogotá time was the ocasion to wear all woolens and coats bought in London that had no use whatsoever back in los llanos. No. That’s a lie. There are few and far between, but los llanos do suffer on ocasion “heladas del Brazil” and that is freezing…


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