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Music to help you learn Spanish – Learn Spanish in Colombia

En Colombia se Habla Espanhol
Spanish, bro! – Image from Deviantart

There is nothing worse than arriving in a country and not being able to understand a single word anyone says.

You catch a taxi or a bus from the airport and you freak out when you’re asked a simple question like “So, where are you from?”

You’re invited to a dinner party with some new friends of friends that you’ve met and your brain feels like it’s going to explode from all the concentrating you’ve been doing.

You’re too nervous to order a meal alone at a restaurant and have no idea what’s on the menu.

Well, eager traveller, I have a couple of tips for you on how to learn Spanish before coming over, or while you’re travelling Colombia, and one of the best ways is through music!

Learn the lyrics and sing along to these tunes and you’ll be Uuufing with the best of them in no time!


Manu Chao – Me Gustas Tu

This is a good one to start off with if you are an absolutely beginner. I like lasagna  I like you, I like to travel, I like you. Pretty easy stuff but great to build up your vocabulary.


Julieta Venegas – Limon y Sal

Now this one is getting a little harder but still pretty good for beginners and great if you want to tell them that they kinda annoy you.


Joe Arroyo – No le Pegue a la Negra

Learning some classic salsa music is a must. Not only because the music is amazing and such a big part of daily life, but it will give you an appreciation of the music and the culture behind it. Music like No le Pegue a la Negra by Joe Arroyo sounds like an uplifting and happy song to dance to but once you learn the lyrics you’ll learn a very different story.


Jarabedepalo – Agua

Best to throw in some sad romantic music in there too, hey!


Shakira – Tortura

Crazy gyrating not necessary, but hey if you’re feeling it go for it! This is a great one to learn because it Shakira is damn hard to understand. If you can learn this, you’re doing well.


Anterciopelados – Baracunatana

Just because this is a Bogotá classic and great to sing along to!


Happy learning Spanish in Colombia. Hasta luego!



5 thoughts on “Music to help you learn Spanish – Learn Spanish in Colombia

  1. Elissa on

    Hi Sarah! My dad moved to the US when he was 17 and is a proud Colombian! I showed him some of your videos on YouTube and he died! He thought you were so funny he asked for a link to your videos! His favorite part was “Por faaaaaa”! haha I’m graduating early from High School to move to Bogota because when I visited in the spring of 2015, I never wanted to leave! I was wondering what advice you have for living in a foreign country as a female alone? I plan to live in Bogota. Thanks for sharing your experiences! -Elissa Morales

  2. Sarah on

    You are so welcome! These songs, are a lot more others, definitely helped (and continue to help) me learn Spanish.

  3. Online Spanish lessons on

    Thank you for this – I have many students that have Colombian connections or wish to visit – I’ll bookmark this site for them to practice listening to the Colombian music to improve their Spanish!


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