Dec 04

Vote for Colombia!

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As our dear readers will know, here at the Colombia Travel Blog we work hard to promote our adopted home. Thanks to you guys, we’ve become the most visited English-language blog about Colombia in the world, and that’s no small achievement.

Well now our hard work could pay off big-time and help Colombia in ways we would never even have dreamed before starting our blog.

We’ve been voted one of the best blogs in Latin America, and are now representing the whole of Colombia in FITUR’s search for the best blog in this part of the world. If we win we’ll go to Spain to the FITUR convention (the biggest Spanish-language travel convention in the world) and get to spread the word about Colombia to a bigger audience than we’ve ever had.

If you could give up just a couple of seconds of your time and register a vote for us here we would hugely appreciate it.

To register your vote, you have accept the FITUR application, then Like the FITUR page. Finally, register your vote with Jose Luis – Colombia! 

¡Viva Colombia!

Vote now!



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