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Paul’s Top 5 Destinations In Colombia (At Least For Today)

In High Fidelity, Nick Hornby’s protagonist spends a great deal of his time agonizing over lists: top 5 lists that organize his life into favourites, bests and greatests.  It’s a gruelling way to live as anyone that has tried to categorize their favourite films, albums or children will know. Your lists can fluxuate depending on your mood, the proximity of the memory and countless other variables.

With that in mind, I present you with my Top 5 Destinations In Colombia. Not because I fancy myself as Rob (the protagonist of High Fidelity), but because JL challenged me to do it, and I just wouldn’t be living up to my office nickname of ‘Audacious P’ if I didn’t accept whole-heartedly. This list, however, comes with a huge caveat: this is how it stands right now. It’s all subject to change. Unlike Rob I can’t be quite so decisive with the categorization of my life, so please forgive me for not being quite so black and white.

Without further ado, here’s the list.

1. La Guajira

Pilon de Azucar, La Guajira (Photo courtesy of off2colombia)
Pilon de Azucar, La Guajira (Photo courtesy of off2colombia)

I recently returned from a trip to La Guajira as an Official Colombia Blogger. My mind, it’s fair to say, was blown. Unending miles of virgin beaches stretch as far as the eye can see while the blue-green ocean wildly laps at the shore. This is the most northern point of South America, but it feels like the edge of the world (if it was still flat like back in the old days).

2. Bogota

Chapinero, Bogota
Chapinero, Bogota

Bogota is my home city. It’s not a love-at-first-sight kind of city, as anyone who has taken come to travel to Bogota will know. Choked by traffic and smog, it’s as busy and bustling as you’d expect one of Latin America’s major capitals to be. It’s also as culturally diverse, vibrant and exciting. There’s always something to do and the nightlife is nothing short of rollicking. Do we still use that word?

3. Cocora Valley

Cocora Valley, Salento
Cocora Valley, Salento

Cocora Valley makes it’s way onto the list by virtue of its sheer uniqueness. It was one of the first places I visited in Colombia and I still hold it as one of my favourite in the world. Utterly unlike anything I’ve experienced, the palms that jut up from the green hills make for some of the most iconic views in the country.

4. The Amazon

Sunset on the Amazon River
Sunset on the Amazon River

The Amazon captures the imagination like no other place on earth. A traveller’s dream, the area remains so unknown, so raw, that despite centuries of exploration a visit still makes you feel like one of the first to step foot in the area. Boasting flora and fauna like no other place on Earth, travelling to the Amazon is simply unforgettable.

5. Mompox

Mompox's streets
Mompox’s streets

Mompox is a little off the beaten track, being 5 hours by car from anywhere of note, but worth the journey. A village untouched by the mass tourism that denotes Cartegena, it retains an ambience that makes it feel like a step back in time. Crumbling colonial buildings line the streets, while the locals do little more than meander around, chatting, drinking and creating a wonderfully laid-back atmosphere in the town.



2 thoughts on “Paul’s Top 5 Destinations In Colombia (At Least For Today)

  1. George Barley on

    Cocora Valley and La Guajira shall be my top 2 picks from these great places!


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