Oct 11

PHOTO ESSAY: Santa Fe de Antioquia

Many visitors to Medellín are struck by its modernity and progressiveness. Traditional, colonial buildings are in short supply since everything is so new, which is part of the charm of visiting but still, sometimes you want a healthy dose of whitewash buildings and cobblestone streets.

Enter Santa Fe de Antioquia, just a few hours down the road.

Typical house in Santa Fe de Antioquia
The streets of the town
The streets of the town
Leafy, traditional entrance
Leafy, traditional entrance to a hotel
Delicious fish meal
Over the rooftops of Santa Fe
The famous bridge just outside of town
One of the many attractive plazas

Interested in a trip to Santa Fe? It’s a great place for a day-trip when you’re in Medellín and See Colombia Travel can even sort you out with your own house and pool.


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