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Nightlife in Medellín: Top 5 Places

Known as one of South America’s primary party destinations, it’s no secret among the backpacker trail that, come nightfall, Medellín is rocking with locals and travellers alike looking to work of some of that steam accumulated during the hot, sunny days. If you’re new to a city it’s not always easy to find out where the good nights out are and, although Medellín very much centers its nightlife in Parque Lleras, there are a few off-the-beaten track places you should check out, too.

Medellín at night: waiting for you

With that said, here’s a run down of our top 5 places to go out in Medellín. If you have any more suggestions, just leave them all the way down there in the comments. Let’s go party in…:

La Strada (Kr 43a # 1a)

La Strada is actually a shopping complex located near Parque Lleras, but if you’re looking to rub shoulders with models, celebrities, and the generally wealthy, this is the place for you. Be sure to look smart, or you ain’t getting in.

Mango’s (You’ll have to take a taxi and ask for Mango’s)

A typically crazy night in Mangos

Mango’s is unique and I think that’s the best way to put it. Waiters dress like cowboys, midgets dance around while ladies strut their stuff on the tables. Perhaps not the most politically correct night out and a little pricey, but definitely an experience.

El Tibiri (Kr 70 # 44b)

Possibly my favourite on the list. In a city that revels in modernity and sleekness, El Tibiri is a welcome return to tradition. Small, sweaty, and riddled with salsa, you’ll come out soaked but smiling.

La Octava Bar (Calle 8 # 37a)

For some a welcome respite from reggaeton, for others an opportunity to dance like they know how, La Octava Bar is a rock bar located in Parque Lleras that caters for the alternative crowd. With a relaxed atmosphere and a regular smattering of travellers, it’s fast become a local favourite.

Cien Fuegos (Kr 43F # 18)

So long as you’re not insecure, Cien Fuegos is a great place to spend your Saturday night. You’ll be surrounded by incredible dancers (hence the need to shed that timidity) and be able to witness a live salsa band, amounting to a truly unforgettable night of authentic Colombiana.


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