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How to Get From Peru to Colombia by Boat

Many expeditions around South America culminate in the trip between Peru and Colombia, from where people depart back to home (most of the time wishing they’d have planned more time in Colombia). For this reason we’re looking at how to get from Peru to Colombia in the most scenic way possible: by boat through the Amazon.

The Amazonian Region of South America

To travel from Peru to Colombia by boat people initially have to fly from Lima to Iquitos, where they’ll need to stay for at least a night as the speed boat leaves at 5:30am. This boat takes you through the Amazon River and the actual Amazon jungle and, in 8 hours, to Leticia. From here you will have to fly to Bogota. That is the only way to get out of Leticia.  Whilst there you can opt to take the opportunity to do a Leticia tour, where you’ll be able to swim with dolphins, fish piranhas, do night walks and much more. Click here for more information on that.  The fare for the boat is about US$70 or US$80 and includes lunch and water for the “road”. There is a Peruvian passport stop (Peruvian boarder)  about 1 hour before Leticia. People have to get off the boat have their passport stamped and board again to carry on  to Leticia.

On the boat from Peru to Colombia

Option 2 is through the same route but the boat takes 3 days from Iquitos to Leticia. The boats are bigger but slower. They carry wood and supplies to some of the communities that live by the river which means that they stop a trillion times on the way. You have to sleep on hammocks and if, you decide to take the slow boat, we recommend that you take a net to cover you hammocks.

If you choose to make the journey this way, you’ll find it is a great route to travel from Peru to Colombia through the Amazon. The scenery is stunning, especially when the sun is out and all the fishermen are on their way to work. The relaxation will be complete (and not boring) if you make sure you bring an iPod and a book.

If you’re in Peru looking for where to go before coming to Colombia, you should be sure to check out Pacaya-Samiria National Reserve. It’s the second largest natural reserve in the Amazon and isn’t to be missed.

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    Just to recommend an amazing book from William Ospina, a Colombian writer. The name of the book is En El pais de la Canela (The country of the cinnamon). This a awesome story about the conquest of the Amazons from the Spanish conquers. Highly recommended for those who can read and understand Spanish language, and love geography, adventures, chronic, History, and creativity.


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