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Taking it Easy in the Coffee Triangle: Santa Rosa de Cabal Hot Springs

After a long day trekking through stunning Cocora Valley and visiting charming Salento, your body is going to deserve some kind of relaxation.  Fortunately for your body, only about an hour and a half away by car is the gorgeous and soothing Termales de Santa Rosa de Cabal, hot springs on the edge of the Colombian jungle.

The hot waterfall at Santa Rosa

Entry to the hot springs is COL$20,000 which is easily worth it. The hot springs consist of two distinct sets of waterfalls (more on them later) and a large pool of hot water. The best time to come is in the evening, when you can watch the sunset as a slight chill in the air develops, making your dip all the more satisfying. The hot springs stay open late, so there’s no fear of being asked to leave before you’re absolutely relaxed.

At the Termales de Santa Rosa de Cabal, the waterfalls are more than just scenery. One waterfall pours water in the pool, hot from nearby volcanic activity. There are good photo opportunities for those willing to climb up into a small cove. The other waterfalls are a different matter. These waterfalls are absolutely freezing, especially in contrast to the pool itself. Unfortunately, dipping your body into these waterfalls is pretty much a necessity to keep your blood flow healthy and stable, so every 20 minutes you’re forced to endure a powerful stream of cold water clattering you on the head. It’s fun though, I promise.

At the hot springs there’s also a bar, so you can enjoy a nice, cold beer – or, to be more like the locals you’ll see about, some local aguardiente – while relaxing in the hot springs. A perfect end to what will have been an unforgettable day in Colombia’s Coffee Triangle.

You can visit the Termales de Santa Rosa de Cabal on a tour with See Colombia Travel.


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