Colombian Coffee

  Is Colombian coffee the best in the world?! The experts certainly seem to think it’s up there, and we most definitely agree! But why is coffee in Colombia so good? Today, on International Coffee Day (October 1st) we thought we’d take a look at the best of Colombian coffee and give you the 8 reasons […]

Los Nevados, courtesy of

Pereira is one of the three cities that make up Colombia’s Coffee Triangle. Like neighbouring cities Armenia and Manizales, Pereira is surrounded by stunning, varied scenery and boasts incredible natural resources. The city is surrounded by the Otun an Consota Rivers and looming over the horizon are the snow-capped peaks of Los Nevados National Natural Park. The surrounding region offers ample […]

Since they just brought out some new coins and notes here in Colombia, we thought it would be pertinent to bring you some information about the local currency. Colombia’s local currency is the Colombian Peso, which is represented by the dollar sign. The lowest note available is $1,000, which seems like a lot but you […]

It’s finally Friday, and to celebrate we’re bringing you another new gallery of pictures of Colombia. So here’s Day 7 and Off 2 Colombia’s fantastic photos of Colombia. Off 2 Colombia was founded by Josian Chevallier and Mickael Teo, two French guys who left their successful careers in London to take a chance on Colombia. More than a year […]

Continuing our look at the cities featured in the 2011 Colombia FIFA World Cup, we take a little visit to the city of Armenia, found in the beautiful Coffee Region of Colombia. Armenia is a city in the Paisa region of Colombia, and as you may recall from previous posts, Paisas are some of the […]