Barichara Colombia

  “The prettiest town in Colombia” it’s been called. A compact little hillside town on a hot plateau; all whitewashed houses, cobbled streets and red-tiled roofs. A National Monument dating all the way back to the Spanish conquest, with some of the most perfectly preserved and beautiful architecture in the Americas. Barichara should really feature […]

Paragliding Colombia

  “The desire to fly is an idea handed down to us by our ancestors who… looked enviously on the birds soaring freely through space… on the infinite highway of the air” – Wilbur Wright Flight has long been one of mankind’s oldest and most consistent dreams, and we are lucky enough to live in […]

Goats Milk Santander

  Santander department is well-known in Colombia for it’s gastronomy: the region has a number of local delicacies and specialty dishes which are unique and different to what can be found in the rest of the country. Cities and towns like Bucaramanga, San Gil, and Barichara are the perfect places to try out these regional […]


  Bucaramanga, the capital city of Santander department in Colombia’s North-East, is a pretty city of some half a million people; a city of parks and universities, clean and relaxed, with a pleasant year-round temperature of around 22 degrees. Yet it remains a relatively untouristic Colombian city, with just a few hostels to its name. […]

Camino Real

  Yesterday we posted a photo gallery of the beautiful Santander towns of Barichara and Guane, along with the lovely hike that connects them, so today we thought we’d give you some more info on the hike itself. Enjoy!     The Camino Real between Barichara and Guane is a 10km hike (mostly downhill, don’t […]


  Barichara and Guane are two little towns in Santander department: Barichara is routinely declared the prettiest town in the country, whilst Guane is even smaller and possibly more picturesque, and can be reached by a wonderful 2 hour hike along the ‘Camino Real’ from Barichara. I’ve just returned from spending some time in both, […]

Paragliding Selfie Colombia

  I’m currently visiting Santander department: famous for it’s extreme sports, pretty colonial towns, and gastronomy. What I was really excited about was the chance to try paragliding, which is available throughout Colombia, but is especially renowned in Santander. There will be a full blog post next week with all the details (as well as […]


  On Wednesday I will be visiting Santander department to explore some of Colombia’s most beautiful scenery and gorgeous colonial towns. Santander is not Colombia’s most visited region by a long way, yet remains popular due to it’s unique architecture, varied gastronomy and unrivaled opportunities for adventure sports. So, for anyone thinking of a visit, […]

Mutte - Sopa Tipica d ela gastronomía en Santander

Today we are honoured to have a special post by our friend, Dani Meroño, El Cocinero Viajero (The Traveling Chef) , who is contributing to the See Colombia blog with his fantastic and insightful understanding of Colombian gastronomy. La version en espanol de este post aqui: Comida de Santander ———————————————————————————————————————————— The inhabitants of the Santander […]

Mutte - Sopa Tipica d ela gastronomía en Santander

Hoy tenemos el honor de contar con la colaboración de nuestro amigo Dani Meroño , El Cocinero Viajero quien estará contribuyendo  con el blog de See Colombia con sus fantásticos conocimientos sobre gastronomía colombiana. For an english version of this post click here: Santander Gastronomy ———————————————————————————————————————————— Los habitantes del departamento de Santander son gente aguerrida que durante los primeros siglos de la […]