Oct 03

The day I paid $80.000 pesos for a jug of Lulada. You heard me right

Lulo, Colombian fruit

Last week I published a post on Colombian foods I’ve tried not to hate, in which I mentioned that I don’t like Lulo. This in itself was met with a strong reaction by Colombia’s fruit lovers, but perhaps more shocking was the revelation that I had once paid $80.000 pesos for a jug of lulada in Cali. Many people did not believe me or thought that it was simply a typo and I had meant to say $8.000 pesos.

No. No such luck. What you read is in fact true. $80.000 pesos. Some people have suggested that one look at my foreign face meant I got overcharged, but I should point out that I was in a large group of people, mainly Colombians (as well as the fact that I am not the average blue-eyed, blond-haired foreigner that you are probably imagining).

This was simply a rip-off, plain as that. We were in a restaurant (which shall remain unnamed. I’m just nice like that), they convinced us that their lulada was better than most and, despite the fact that there was no price on the menu, we figured we should try it. After all, how expensive can one little jug of lulada be?

What made the experience even more enjoyable for me is that we ordered some picadas. All good. Except that I don’t eat pork. And these were entirely pork. So not only was I only able to eat potatoes (covered in pork juice), if I wanted to drown my sorrows I would end up having to pay a small fortune for the privilege.

That is all I have to say on the matter – I just wanted to confirm that we did in fact pay $80.000 pesos for a jug of lulada (well, $160.000 for two jugs to be precise). When we complained about the clearly invented price when the bill came, we were offered another free jug. Worst 3 for 2 offer ever.



2 thoughts on “The day I paid $80.000 pesos for a jug of Lulada. You heard me right

  1. Escéptico on

    Doesn’t sound all that believable, and if it did happen there’s no reason to omit the name of the dishonest restaurant that’s abusing its customers like that. That would warrant a skating yelp review or whatever is used in Colombia if it happened to me.


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