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7 typical characteristics of Colombians

What does it mean to be a Colombian? Colombian stereotypes

It is very difficult to generalize or try to gather the characteristics that describe the inhabitants of an entire country in a list, especially when it comes to Colombia since as we know it is full of diversity and people are no exception. Each region has very specific characteristics, but another day we will talk about paisas, rolos, coastal, pastusos, among others; because today we are going to focus on something more global.

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Unfortunately, most people still have the image of what Colombia was about two decades ago, and it is something that is changing little by little; Because we Colombians were internationally recognized for violence, drug trafficking, something that was especially evident at airports, as we always ended up in a special line where our luggage was thoroughly checked. And although the time of the 80s and 90s was marked by many of these events, the majority of citizens worked to get ahead.

This brings me to the first point…

1. Creatives

Can you give me a phone call service?

I have always been impressed with the talent we have to innovate, practically anything can happen, and if we do not look for a way to make it possible, or what they tell me about the sale of minutes on every corner, people doing incredible juggling acts at traffic lights; And if you are in a traffic jam, and you craved a few snacks, there is no need to worry because the buses offer everything from peanuts, chocolates, to school supplies; much manage to have a source of income, as they say out there – here no one is stranded for nothing.

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2. Workers

Colombian coffee farmers working during the coffee process

Especially in the capital, some start work at 6 am – they get up almost at the same time as the chickens if not earlier; We also have nine-hour work hours a day when most begin at 8 am and end around 6 pm, although sometimes they know what time they enter, but not what time they leave.

And as if that were not enough, there is time to go to the gym, take an elective course, or develop an undergraduate, specialization, or master’s degree. Which would give us approximately 19 and 20 hours of daily activity. If we are addicted to work, or is it that we rather like to be busy and show how important we are?

3. Did someone say party?

Although we work hard, we also know how to enjoy a good party, being one of the countries that has the most carnivals and festivals throughout the year. So after a great week, there is no better way to say goodbye to her than to go partying from Friday, which lasts until dawn on Saturday. And if it seems to you that it is very little time to get out of the routine, you can start celebrating from Thursday, what can I tell you: a lot of music, dancing, food and of course alcohol.

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4. Everything can wait…

Lazing in a hammock in the Colombian Amazon
Give me five minutes…

Has anyone wondered why, in Latin America, we like to arrive with a formal 15-minute delay to our appointments? Well yes, partly it is because of the traffic, but it can also happen that you meet a friend and although you know that you have to hurry, you must understand that you have not seen him for years, so it makes you sad to go so fast, but hey all be it for good relations.

On the other hand, we do not like to stress ourselves, life is very short … Who wants to spend his life running? Although in other cultures they like to plan well in advance and have everything under control, we like to be more spontaneous, and waiting until the last moment to do something gives you a touch of adrenaline that makes your life more interesting and even can bring you the freshest ideas at the last minute – this is the secret to creativity. (Please don’t try it at home unless you are a real expert).

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5. Kindness in large quantities

Colombia A la Orden
To the order!

If you are a foreigner visiting or living in Colombia, you do not have to worry, if you find yourself lost or just curious about something, just ask a good citizen, and you can be sure that that person will not rest until you have everything. What you need, what’s more, if necessary they will even accompany you to your destination without expecting anything in return. Something that also applies to its premises, no matter what city you go to, they will always welcome you with open arms. Come back soon, neighbor! Thank you for your visit!

6. Proudly Colombian

Happy Colombians
Welcome to Colombia!!

Our hearts beat to the rhythm of the tricolor, we are passionate about our country and its achievements, the fact that Colombia has qualified for the world championship after 16 years, having a Nobel Prize like García Márquez, Grammy award-winning artists like Carlos Vives, Juanes, Shakira fills us with pride because this shows that there are more good Colombians; So don’t be weird to hear the national anthem on all the stations, supermarkets, at 6 in the morning and 6 in the afternoon.

7. Now you know why we are the happiest country on the planet!

Colombian Folklore - Barranquilla Carnival

This is confirmed by WIN-Gallup International, we are the happiest country for the second consecutive year. Colombians have a knack for seeing the positive in the midst of the negative, we can have problems, but we always dream of a better future. Not being more…

Long live Colombia!

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