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Top 10 Colombian Travel Destinations for 2015 – Part 2

Los Nevados Colombia


Part 1 of this Top 10 can be found here.

Still wondering where to visit in Colombia during 2015? Been to the normal places (or just keen to avoid the crowds)? Want to explore some parts of Colombia that are under-visited, fascinating and beautiful? Then you have come to the right place…here is Part 2 of the Colombia Travel Blog’s Top 10 Colombian Travel Destinations for 2015…


6. Manizales and Los Nevados National Park

Los Nevados Colombia
Los Nevados National Park


The pretty town of Manizales in Caldas department is part of the iconic Colombian Coffee Triangle, and boasts spectacular views over the nearby snow-capped volcanos, as well as an excellent cable-car transport network, and beautiful nearby parks, such as the lovely Recinto del Pensamiento. A must-do activity in Manizales is to organize a tour into the Los Nevados National Park, to get close up views of the aforementioned volcanoes, as well as beautiful Andean ecosystems, filled with mammals, birds and plants.

7. Tierradentro


Tierradentro Colombia
A tomb in Tierradentro


Nearby San Agustin might be Colombia’s most well-known and iconic ancient archaeological site, but Tierradentro remains much less visited, and just as historically interesting, whilst being set within the spectacular mountain scenery of the department of Cauca. Famous for it’s pre-Columbian tombs (known as ‘hypogea’), the area is a UNESCO World Heritage Site; and well-worth a visit for those interested in  experiencing the ancient history of Colombia.


8. San Antero Donkey Festival

San Antero donkey
A Donkey as the pope…I think…


Whilst not exactly as iconic as the celebrated Barranquilla carnival, or indeed many of the other important festivals celebrated in Colombia, this bizarre and unique annual festival (which takes place every Easter) in the coastal town of San Antero is definitely an experience not to be missed; one which you’ll surely be recounting to anyone who’ll listen in years to come! It’s basically exactly like it sounds: there’s a donkey parade, donkey costume contest, and king and queen donkey. Essentially an equine Woodstock…


9. Norte de Santander

Pamplona Norte de Santander
The town of Pamplona in Norte de Santander

Okay, so this is a whole department, and naturally we’re not recommending the entire place, but this region bordering Venezuela remains under-explored by travelers, which is a shame as it contains a number of gorgeous colonial towns, all set in beautiful mountainous scenery. Particular highlights include the town of Ocana, and lovely colonial architecture of Pamplona, as well as many stunning mountain lakes offering water-sports. If you’re looking for an ‘off-the-beaten-track’ department in 2015, then this is it.

10. Mompos

Church Mompos
Iglesia de la Inmaculada Concepción

We’ve talked about this town many times before, but now is the time to visit this colonial gem on the Magdalena River following a fantastic development of the town’s main square. Mompos is overflowing with history, surrounded by spectacular natural scenery, and, thanks to the new developments, now boasts a relaxed, almost Mediterranean atmosphere in the balmy evenings. With several new bars offering outdoor seating on the squares, Mompos has lost none of it’s lost charm, but has added much more…


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