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5 things you -perhaps- didn’t know you could do in Medellin.

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How does the experience of a destination change when the trip is taken with good friends with very different tastes and interests? We guessed ‘a lot,’ but we wanted to give it a try. Therefore, when Toya Viudes from ‘Colombia de una‘, and Daniel Tirado from “Viajando sin Papel Higienico”, agreed to join us in Medellin, one of our favourite destinations in Colombia, we decided to undertake an experiment together by each sharing “our” vision of Medellin with the others. We had the Medellin Holiday Inn Express and Suites as a base, and from there we started to explore Medellin with different eyes.

You can see everything that we did in the video below, and here’s a list of 5 things that perhaps you didn’t know that you would find in this beautiful Colombian city. What other destinations would you like us to visit in the future?



1. Listen to the best tango in the world (according to some paisas anyway!)

Tango en Medellin
Don Gustavo Arteaga in Salon Malaga


“In Medellin they listen to more tango than in Buenos Aires” is an expression I’ve heard thousands of times from my paisa father-in-law (who, as well as being the spitting image of Juan Valdez, has never been to Buenos Aires). Whether it’s an exaggeration or not, Medellin’s love of tango has intensified ever since Argentine’s tango legend Carlos Gardel was killed in plane crash at the city’s airport. Places such as Salon Malaga have been keeping the myth alive for nearly 60 years.

2. Visit a spectacular library nestled in the hillside

Bibloteca Espanha en Medellin
The  imposing Biblioteca España in Medellin


As surprising outside as it is inside, the Parque Espana Library can be found set deep in the hills of the once no-go neighbourhood of Comuna Uno. This black stone colossus plays host to numerous courses of all kinds for families and children within its many rooms. It is working to continue the culture begun by the Medellin Metro: integrating Medellin’s inhabitants and improving their quality of life.


3. Fly over the city in a helicopter.

Helicoptero Medellin Fly Colombia City Tour
Medellin from a helicopter with  Fly Colombia City Tour


This is a new option being offered by Fly Colombia City Tour , which allowed us to see Medellin like never before. It is a remarkable experience, and truly enables you to understand the immensity of the city like never before.

4. Hike to the small town of Santa Elena.

Caminata Medellin Santa Elena
The Amazing view dirung the  Medellin – Santa Elena hike


Santa Elena is well-known as the town of the famous ‘silleteros’: the main protagonists of Medellin’s yearly flower festival. However, what we didn’t know was that when you get outside Medellin, you can pass wonderful views of the city and it’s natural surroundings, and arrive at this little town after a couple of hours of healthy hiking in the fresh air.

5. Eat in a restaurant that Bourdain, Roca and Adria have visited.

Comida Tipica Quehareparaenamorarte
Empanaditas in  Queareparenamorarte


Queareparenamorarte is a restaurant that, at first glance, doesn’t really stand out from other purveyors of typical food in the area. However, after taking a moment to glance at the menu, stroll in the garden and, above all, listen to the passion and knowledge of the owner, we realized that this is a very special place, where every ingredient has its purpose, and where the fusion of ingredients from all over Colombia to create something unique is truly innovative. This well-kept Medellin secret has seen visits from famous chefs Anthony Bourdain, Ferran Adria and Joan Roca, all of whom left very happy indeed!


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